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Review by vintagewino See Profile

  • Location: Grimsby,ON
  • Cost: $37 per month
  • Install: about 1 days
  • Telco party Bell Canada
Bad "Have to use Bell's crumbling infrastructure & abysmal cooperation."
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Update Jun 24th, 2013.

Price drop!! $37.28!!!

Connection is stable (3008/512 FP), considering the F2 line is garbage. The line cannot support 800k u/l, and d/l capability varies from 5300 to 4100, depending upon chance & luck. Bell has done (and will do) NOTHING to improve it so I can have solid 5M/800k FP. I'm stuck....

According to the TSI web page, looks like I might qualify TSI cable internet (Cogeco). Thinking of Cable 6 or Cable 10. cable with TSI (to keep costs and features similar). Bears looking into ...

Still cannot move home phone POTS over ...
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Updated Feb. 4/2012:

Price gone up to $39.54, as of Feb. 2nd. Add an additional $1.50+HST "monthly activation charge" for new comers (now $41.23)? In June 2010, price was $31.45. - almost 17% increase on the base price, and an overall increase of 26% (compliments of the HST).

My line has not improved to even get 5M/800k, so I'm paying much more for the same line.

They are no longer the "darling" company they were. The constant threat of a $100 truck roll charge to Bell so that Bell can "fix" their garbage infrastructure is getting very old. The F2 line I'm on is punched, and s/b replaced, according to the last Bell service rep. That was 2 years ago. Same line.

Had thoughts of moving POTS over to TSI, but am holding off until I see what direction they're heading in. Sadly, it appears they are becoming more and more "Bell-like".

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Update June 24/2010:

Price going up July 1st by $2 + the B.S.T. to $36. When I left my old ISP December 2007, internet charges had just increased to slightly over $44 TIP. And they did NOT offer 24/7 support, either.

Line is "stable" - no difference from 1/31/10 update.

I was concerned hearing support response time sliding. Had a query June 16th, so I nervously posted in Direct Forum, fully expecting reply later next day. I was wrong. There was a response in 90 minutes. I posted a reply. Response to that in 5 minutes. Find it difficult to argue with that. Thanks, Jason!

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Update Jan. 31/2010

It has been a very interesting ride. I had the feeling TSI felt they were going out on a limb with Bell with these problems, but they did stick by. Bell finally found a bridge tap and succeeded in removing 7 dB of attenuation from the line. Was ~53 dB. Now ~46 dB.

Unfortunately, this has done little with the varying noise margin problem. D/L noise margin varies from 18 dB down to 10 dB, but generally 17 dB +/-1. Since 1700 yesterday, it dropped from 18 dB down to 11 dB, and stayed there for several hours. It has since crawled up to 13 dB as I'm writing this @ 1430. The line occupancy availability has varied from 5600 to 4200 over the last 20 hours.

This IS a significant improvement, as my noise d/l margin was a max 12-13 dB, and would often drop the connection daily or more. Currently, loss of DSL signal has been occurring once in 7-14 days.

Since I require fastpath, I'm stuck at a 3008/512 profile. Inadequate headroom on the U/L to get a 4032/800 fastpath; can get 4032/512 interleave at best.

The below-mentioned incident with the unnamed TSI rep was dealt with internally, and an apology issued.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Update Dec. 19th, 2009
It's about time to rewrite my review into something more current. Unfortunately, the numbers have changed, and not for the better.

I have had DSL since 2001. Started with Sympatico, switched to internet Direct (Look) in 2002, and to TSI in 2007.

2009 has been interesting, due to many losses of DSL sync. Swapping many modems, changing the POTS splitter a few times, changing the line from the demarc into the house, having Bell change the drop from the pole to the demarc, I continue to have problems since February. Well over 20 tickets have been issued to Bell to correct the problem. The problem still exists.

I have personally seen the Bell measurements at the F1/F2 junction box less than 200 meters from my house, 5056/800, RCO 50%. After 200 meters of F2+25 meters of drop, my my RCO@100% varies from 4700/732 to 1900/732 (that was this morning!)

The last thing Bell did in September was switch me to a different F2 pair. This has helped to drop the frequency of of resets due to sync loss, but has not eliminated it. Sitting on a 3008/512 FP profile, I can watch the d/l noise margin vary from 15 dB spike down within seconds down to 8 dB, then climb back up within a couple of minutes back to 12-15 dB. The u/l stays constant at 13 dB SNR, regardless. With the erratic d/l noise margin, I doubt I can ask for a better profile, as the sync losses would worsen.

The last Bell chap said the F2 cable has to be replaced.

When I queried TSI a few days later, I was told everything was fine, the F2 was fixed. Received a call from someone a few days later from TSI (refused to identify himself), said that was the best that can be done, and if I don't like it, I am free to leave. Checked back a couple of days later with TSI (after I cooled down), and indeed, that call DID come from one of TSI's outgoing numbers. I lodged a complaint, received an apology, but it certainly shook my confidence.

WTF????? An interesting way of doing business! That call certainly put the brakes on me switching my home phone.

So far, status quo. No final resolution with line problem. Wish there was an alternative to Bell's lousy copper. Cogeco is an alternative, but NOT an option.

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TSI Support1
TSI Support
Chatham, ON


Hey there,

Thanks for the update! I'm glad to see that your connection is stable and that you're happy with the price drop! Unfortunately at the time we still have no ETA about the POTS from transfer from Bell.

If you'd like assistance with the cable internet or even have some questions about it, feel free to ask!