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Six Month Rating

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Review by Tig See Profile

  • Location: Consecon,ON
  • Cost: $49 per month (month by month)
  • Telco party Bell Canada
Good "No problems with service or billing"
Bad "Dryloop charges inflate price"
Overall "A good company"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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I canceled my previous ISP because I was not satisfied with the customer service.
Previous DSL account expired at 00:15 AM
Dialed up and ordered Teksavvy at 8:50 AM
Checked my email at 10:00 and found an order confirmation from Teksavvy. Time stamp was 9:09. I input the account information from the confirmation into my router and I was connected.
Pretty smooth transition.

I moved away from K4P1A5 in October 2008. Teksavvy was great right up to the end. Even the termination of service was smooth and professional.

Update Jan 2010
Just before Christmas 2009 I found out that TS was marketing in my area. I signed up for dry loop.
It would be hard to have a more complicated location than mine and still be serviceable. I'll spare you the details but here is how it played out.
Teksavvy communicated well with Bell and kept on top of them when the install dragged out. I was promptly contacted several times by Teksavvy during this time. Bell tech showed up and did a great job.
In the end the install did take the max time detailed, but that's fair since it was all in writing when I signed up.
Speed is 4.3M dn 400 up.

Update March 30 2010
Speed is consistent. No problems with my VOIP.

Update June 14, 2011
Downgraded value for money because as a dry loop customer who uses 20G/mo there are cheaper options.
Connection still solid although only 85% of the speed that my neighbour gets on Bell (which is equally solid).

Update March 18, 2012
Posted a question in the direct forums looking for an update on 6Mb sync for my drop. Received a reply that my line could support 6M sync on the download side along with line stats. It was pointed out to me that my uplink RCO was marginal and the sync rate was rather poor. I was given a list of possible causes. I cleaned up a couple issues and received new stats, no improvement. I later took my modem to the demarc (as suggested) and plugged it in direct with new cords and no network. I asked for new stats, which I promptly received. No change. I was encouraged (again) to open a ticket on my line, but I prefer to first isolate between the modem (speestream5242) and line.
Since I'm not having any real problems, that may have to wait.
Speed is 4.3M dn 350 up
Overall, support was very responsive and efficient.
Update: My old speedstream modem always had a high pitch whistle, so I replaced it.
Line stats are fine now. The drop was optimized and now speed is typically 5.3M down and 670 up

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