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Six Month Rating

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Review by DjEclipse See Profile

  • Location: Niagara Falls,ON
  • Cost: $31 per month
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "No throtteling, fast connection, No throtteling, very reasonably priced, they don't try and restrict/ controle the internet"
Bad "Nothing, I only wish I found them sooner"
Overall "Teksavvy is what an ISP should be, provide a service with no strings attached"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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I switched form Bell when bell started throtteling torrents as did many others.

For my uses Teksavvy is less expensive, the speeds I am getting are faster then Bell, the customer service rep's speak english, actually live in this country and know what they are talking about.

I hope teksavvy can grow and continue to provide what all ISP's should be forced to provide. Simple internet access at a fair price, where you are free to access any and all that is out there without the restrictions that other ISP's like bell put on their so called unlimited highspeed.

Cheers to Teksavvy.

UPDATE Sept 12/08

It's been about 7 month's now with Teksavvy and the above still stands, I've had great service, better speeds then when when I was with Bell, and if I do have to call in for some personal technical reason I get through to a real person that lives in Ontario and speaks ENGLISH in a matter of minutes.

Another bonus is the bill has always been exactly what it was supposed to be, unlike Bell where you have to call in every month to dispute some extra bull shit charge they added to the bill that month. I am so glad I switched.

UPDATE October 03/11

After 3 years of promoting Teksavvy, getting all my family and friends to switch to teksavvy, they have become too big to offer any kind of customer service. They have become WORSE than the corporation they wer competing against. Horrible rude CSR's, wait times of over 4 hours just to speak to someone among other things have forced me to switch to another ISP.

I am now with IkTel, they are a new cable & DSl wholesale ISP, so far so good with them.

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