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Review by Soiduts See Profile

  • Location: Ontario
  • Cost: $40 per month
  • Install: about 1 days
  • Telco party Bell Canada
Good "Fast and Easy Setup, Unlimited/Premium service clearly distinguished, Great Support"
Bad "None currently"
Overall "Great Service compared to other Canadian DSL Providers"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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UPDATE March/13

Canceled my service was fast and a confirmation date and code was given. Its unfortunate that they cannot prorate service as I was left with about a week of no Internet at home before moving out. Was nice that they confirmed the cancellation with an email when requested. Not many companies/utilities will do that and you always want to have some kind of cancellation confirmation.

UPDATE August/12

I forget who I talked to while at Teksavvy getting the service installed while living in Calgary, but we talked for a good hour on the phone getting my service up and running. He was very pleasant despite having issues finding my house in Telus system. Even after the service was ordered, Telus ended up having some 'issues' and the installation date was pushed back but Teksavvy had phoned back a couple times to keep me apprised of the situation. The Telus tech did arrive on the installation day, he did something outside but did not come to the door. Sync light worked moments later. Service was good for a week till I had some kind of authentication error. Called Teksavvy and after that the service was perfect for the remainder of the time I was there.

UPDATE November/11

After being with Bell for home phone service for *many* years, they decided to add a bunch of new fees to a basic line for no reason. No longer have any services will Bell directly and will not return nor recommend anyone to them. Ordered Teksavvy home phone, basically the same service I was getting with Bell and now save $10 a month. Bell lowered my DSL profile to the default 3mbit 'as expected' though but Teksavvy was prompt with their ticket to get the profile changed back to 5mbit.

UPDATE November/10

Called tech support for the first time this week. Called at 8pm at night and only had a 5 minute wait. Was quickly resolved by support. Looking forward to seeing cable offering expanding to more areas.

UPDATE October/08

I was randomly upgraded to a higher profile with Fastpath last night and received a call on my machine this afternoon from a Teksavvy employee wanting me to call back to confirm the upgrade. I was pleasantly surprised that both the speed and ping times were significantly better. Now that's what I call service after having dealt with poor customer service with Bell the last few years. Currently getting 12ms to Google.com, down from 30ms.

UPDATE March/08

Canceled Bell Sympatico after being a customer for 7+ years. Canceling was a terrible experience as I was told I phoned in 3 days too early to cancel. I was told I had to phone exactly 30 days to the end of my contract. I thought I was being a curious customer by phoning ahead to inform them that I would no longer be using the service after the contract ended. Phoned back and got a different person and after 20 minutes, I finally got a cancellation number. Switched to Teksavvy. Literally took no more than a few minutes to sign up for a full unlimited account (as I already had a DSL Premium login), get my login and completely switch over.

UPDATE January/08

Having been a Bell Internet Customer for many years, I finally decided to spend the extra $10 a month and test out Teksavvy's Premium 100GB login. All the problems I had with FTP SSL being capped at 32kbps and other throttling issues were solved instantly. I will be using the login for the next two months till my current Sympatico contract expires and will probably sign up for an Unlimited Account. I've been comparing ping times, trace routes, and overall connection quality and have been impressed with Teksavvy.

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TSI Danielle

re: your review


Thank you for keeping your review updated all the way along your service with us. We're sorry to see you go with the move. Hopefully we'll be able to provide you with service in the future.

TSI Danielle
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