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Review by vitesse See Profile

  • Location: Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu,QC
  • Cost: $32 per month
  • Install: about 4 days
  • Telco party Bell Canada
Good "Great value, good fast service, mlppp connection offer french service have a dedicated forum here."
Bad "They use the outdated DSL network from Bell."
Overall "Their customer support are going downhill."
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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They offer a really good service. People on the phone seem nice and pleasant to talk to. I now have an mlppp setup with them at 2 x 6016/800 it cost me only 67$ tax, second dry-loop and fix ip included. download give10mbps upload give 1400kbps (real speed)

The ordering process was great, really nice person on the phone.

Changing from 3000/800 to a faster line have been easy and fast. Activating mlppp connection was fast too.

Speed is good and reliability is good. I sync at 6016 / 800 interleave on my line.

their French customer service had improved a lot since I'm with Teksavvy, that great.

Had problem with physical connection, bell take time to repair as they had problem finding the where it was located, but have receive good service if i take into account the difficulties of the problem.

Updates. it's an up and down with the connection since more than one year. Frequent disconnect when it rain. frequently slow and timeout in the evening since two month now. Got a new wet line (Because of phone problem) got new profiles for both line from 6016x800 + 5056x800 interleave to 5026x800 fastpath on both line. Changed my WRT54GL for a NEW router made with Zeroshell/MLPPP. Nothing change.Probably a problem inside Bell Remote but they are not willing to repair.

Updates II: Since the spring 2011, bell figured to repair my lines. I now only lost dsl sync (behind noise) when we have electric storm. and this doesn't seem to be local as I can't ear interference with a simple scanner locally but can see it on the modem. At least now it doesn't happen often. Their must be very bad connection somewhere on the line as the attenuation rise by 2db/years since I have DSL

Updates III (25-01-2012):

I'm not so sure TSI is one of the best ISP now. Their tech support quality as dropped a lot,in fact their customer support are going downhill I have the impression that I speak to a Bell CSR when I try to trouble shoot my problem (slower than 56k in the evening). They seem to only replay by copy past of information like Bell drone, they even dont seem to read what we have already saying, or at least they are not editing their copy/past. They make many mistake when I changed to wet + dry to dry only. Nothing like that had ever happening 1 years before. Maybe they are too big , I don't know, But they really need to reverse the direction as they are currently falling.

Updates IV (10-02-2012) and the last one

I'm now sure TSI is not an ISP I would recommend anymore. Their Tech support is none existent, they never have clue of what's going on and you feel alone with your problem (It slow down to something worst than a 56k modem in the late evening). I was the only one from the 10 persons I recommended to them. The last tree problem I had with them had been a nightmare to solve. I have now chose an ISP similar to what TSI was more than one year earlier.

They need to make drastic change on the management or they will close business. I'm now with cable connection and 100% Bell free. The closest Bell cable from my house is at least 100 feet away

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