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Review by nitzguy See Profile

  • Location: Chelmsford,ON
  • Cost: $52 per month
  • Install: about 14 days
  • Telco party Bell Canada
Good "...Cost I guess...."
Bad "No show/no call from techs, clunky ordering processes"
Overall "...Not sure about the bottom line now...I wanted to say they were good, but, I'm still up in the air about this."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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I'm re-writing my Review since I've moved and figured it was just like starting fresh...since that's how I felt I was treated.

Ok, so I was moving, and I decided to stick with DSL as I could get cable after a 4 year hiatus, but their pricing structure just wasn't going to work for me, with a $64/month+tax for 20mbit internet or $54/month+tax for 6mbit internet...as that's all I wanted and didn't want some talk/surf/tv bundle either...

So, I called TSI and spoke with someone on March 8th at roughly 8:30pm. Not a wait at all when I called in, however, the ordering process was a 33 minute ordeal and it shouldn't have taken that long to complete a simple Phone and DSL order In my opinion.

I was running into issues with the website and that's why I called in. Funny that the rep on the phone ran into the exact same issues...placed me on hold for 10 minutes before coming back...And when she came back, my order was taken incorrectly, my address was wrong...I had to wait 2 days for that e-mail to come through but the e-mail to pay was prompt and up front...had I known the address was wrong right away I might have

just walked away and went with someone else, but I had paid and pressed on.

Called and got the issue with my address resolved. Person on phone was competent and apologized for the issue, thankfully with my phone there was no issues and that got installed on the 15th with no problems.

DSL issues, little more problematic, was originally scheduled for March 20th, I just happenned to log into the myworld portal and noticed it was magically changed for March 22nd....lucky I checked. Apparently someone had dropped the ball at TSI, and didn't tell their customers things were being changed. I did receive 2 separate calls afte this to tell me that it was rescheduled and to be there between 12-9pm.

So, yesterday, the day of the install comes, I plug in the DSL modem and notice I have sync, 16319/797. This was at roughly 10am. Login, everything seems good.Received no call from the Bell tech, and no call from this "Telecon" Tech. TSI tells me the order is still open.

Shouldn't someone be going through these orders if they're still open from the day before and looking for answers? Now apparently I have to reschedule this tech, who I don't know will show again? Its not right that I spent 9 hours just hanging around doing nothing when I could have done stuff on my day off, and the fact that the order is "open" so they can't even check anything....makes me a little disappointed.

I had been in contact with some reps at TSI, some who are very helpful and some who are not so helpful. I feel as though TSI has morphed into this monolithic company. I actually liked when the order form worked properly from before, who cares if it looks like it was programmed in 1998 from a high school kid in HTML? It worked, it was simple, when I placed my order back in 2008 there was a small hiccup in installation trying to get sync, it was dealt with, and issue resolved , rock solid for 4+ years....fast forward to 2012....I feel like I'm getting the run-around and the "you have to reschedule" BS that I'd get from Bell or Rogers...

No, I'm sorry, or anything, just...reschedule, hopefully he shows up...basically TSI telling me we don't know why he didn't show up or if he'll even show up the next time?

So I've rated service accordingly, even if its still incomplete in my opinion, its how I feel right now. If things can change, I'd be happy to update this review, but as it stands I might actually be seriously considering other options for my DSL service.

I've updated to change the Tech Support rating, they have been quite helpful through the direct forum and through PMs in regards to my issues. I appreciate it more than calling in because then I don't have to tell my story over and over and over again to someone and I'm not crippled so I'm willing to wait a little bit longer to get answers...I appreciate it, its like having your own personal Tech advisor...like Insurance, but for internet, and I'm sure they appreciate it because its easier for them to deal with issues as well. So thanks TSI for providing top notch support where you can directly control things .

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