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Review by Sukunai See Profile

  • Location: Lindsay,ON
  • Cost: $30 per month (month by month)
  • Install: about 1 days
  • Telco party Bell Canada
Good "Price, friendly staff, solid reputation"
Bad "Its not free? Do I have to have a negative?"
Overall "It's not Bell Sympatico (was good enough reason right there)"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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Ya know, in spite of all the reasons I have had, that might have had me leave for another small local operation that is well thought of, I have yet to go.
Teksavvy is a lot of things to a lot of people, but, it has never been a waste of money, and the people have never been a waste of time, and I have yet to ever have anything negative to say about the service worth typing due to being infinitely trivial.

I remain a Bell hater, and I am ok with my Teksavvy service enough to still be here. I here someone might be sniffing around the local cable operation (to borg it) and I don't think I will miss them.

I have never regretted staying with DSL.

Other options considered - getting used to not having the internet went through my mind briefly.

A friend saved me by discovering Teksavvy himself and letting me know what everyone was saying about them.

What Speed package? God you would ask wouldn't you. High speed dsl, hmm a basic service? Blimey, I just went with what my friend said was the usual private service.

How was the order and install. I guess the best word is seemless. I never noticed a thing.
On the day it began, it began and I did nothing myself.

What good or bad experiences struck me the most?
Well a number of days later, I get a call asking how everything was going. So I said fine.
Well that's the way it is essentially.

I dumped Bell Sympatico, and my service through Bell which was costing me 45 bucks, became service through Teksavvy for 30 bucks (no I'm not counting the pennies for god's sake).

Since I have been using Teksavvy (about a month plus) I have experienced no troubles, my online activities have not been adversely affected, and I dare say I wish I had discovered them several Bell Sympatico payments earlier.
15 bucks a month is a savings of lunch out with the wife each month
Or a new video game every two months.

Note to the survey details. I rarely rate anyone with 5s, just sounds to over positive. The 4s sounded less biased.
Contract term, I posted 1, as I don't believe I have anything more than a monthly payment to my knowledge.
Days from order to success, well I phoned, and it was done, aside from the 30 day wait to divorce Bell Sympatico (not Teksavvy's fault eh).

My thoughts on the whole deal. In my own words alone.
Well I was really sold on the part that if I DID need help, it wouldn't be from some person in India I couldn't understand if my life depended on it. No offense to people in India intended.
The price helped a lot, but I was prepared to switch even if the price was the same. I have nothing kind to say about Bell Sympatico at this time.
My friend telling me he had even communicated with the service owner was not lost on me. I'll pick a business run by a person that can communicate with his customers over a faceless corporation any time.

Random out of the blue update for April 21 2009

What can I say. I have not called Teksavvy once.
I have not had to call Teksavvy once.
I have yet to encounter a single reason for needing to call Teksavvy.

In a time when a lot of talk is being done over the future of net service, I have not had any reason to think I would want to be getting my service somewhere else.

And I am still glad I told Bell Canada to drop dead.
I rather liked dumping them for my phone needs, and rather liked dumping them for my tv broad cast needs.
It's just a shame they still manage to sneak money from me via Teksavvy.

This just in...... ok it's July 5th of 2010, time to revise my thoughts.

Well I have not visited the Teksavvy specific forums much recently. Have not had any personal cause to need to. I suspect Bell still sucks as always but the buzz seems to have died down, well I have not heard of any recent new atrocities at least.

Doesn't mean they are not up to something.

But any way, in recent time I succeeded in getting someone to choose Teksavvy as a choice for phone service. My friend desired a paper bill, which Teksavvy failed to send out initially. Guess what? Teksavvy said well it's here in print send you a bill, we didn't, so that first month is on us.

Oh like you would get great service from those incompetents at Bell like that eh. They don't care if they screw up or not, they still want your money.

Meanwhile I am happy to be a Teksavvy customer.
I rarely call them, I really basically don't need to. They don't create problems that need to be fixed for the most part. Sometimes a good service is one that requires no attention.

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