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Six Month Rating

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Review by Rastan See Profile

  • Location: Canada
  • Cost: $37 per month (month by month)
  • Install: about 30 days
Good "Stable connection, affordable, very good tech support."
Bad "At times, Teksavvy is at Bell's mercy since Teksavvy is a Bell wholesaler."
Overall "Very good ISP that does business differently than the big ISP's."
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My Other Reviews

I'm paying $29.95/month + tax for a 5M/800k connection that has a 200GB/month cap. I'm not happy about the cap, but at least it's reasonable unlike the cap from Bell or Rogers.

My Internet connection has been stable. There have been a few issues but Teksavvy resolves them quickly. They are also open and honest and will inform their customers (on the Teksavvy forum on this Website) about issues they are having.

I've had to call them a few times to clear up a billing error they made and because I had a few technical questions. I really like the fact that they don't follow a script. They don't call me "Sir" 50 times and they don't use canned phrases such as, "I apologize for the inconvenience" when it's clear they don't really mean it and they are forced to say it.

I can't stress this point enough. I dislike insincerity and dishonesty and I think that employees who work at companies such as Bell and Rogers are more likely to lie to customers because they become too accustomed to being insincere, because they are forced to follow a script and say things they don't mean. The employees at Teksavvy are polite, knowledgeable and helpful and it seems that management at Teksavvy understands that sincerity is better than phoniness.

The transition from Bell to Teksavvy was smooth and credit for that goes to Bell as well as Teksavvy. I promote Teksavvy to my family and friends and hope they continue to be a great ISP in the future.

Update: 05/16/10

I've now been with Teksavvy for close to 2 years. Their service continues to be very good and downtime has been minimal. I still highly recommend them.

Update: 10/05/10

I slightly lowered my rating. My connection dropped and it appears that Bell lowered my profile. I wasn't able to get much assistance from Teksavvy.

Update: 09/24/11

My rating is unchanged. My profile is still lower due to Bell moving my line card to a different remote but my connection is stable and I haven't had any other problems.

Update: 11/08/12

I slightly raised my rating because, aside from a few minor problems, my connection has been very stable. I'm now paying $34.99/month + tax for a 5M/800k connection that has a 300GB/month cap.

Update: 02/02/14

I once again slightly raised my rating because the service has been very good. I'm now paying $32.99/month + tax for a 5M/800k connection that has a 300GB/month cap.

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Old Martin

Thanks for you review

Thanks for writing a review of our service.

Glad all is working for you & that you are satisfied with the service.