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Review by zacron See Profile

  • Location: Dundas,ON
  • Cost: $130 per month
  • Install: about 2 days
Good "Transit is Limelight Networks and Peer1 instead of Cogent"
Bad "*BLANK*"
Overall "Great Service for a Great Price"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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April 2012:
No longer a customer, not because of service but because it's not a needed item for my income. I wish you all a good service and hope to see them pickup Cogeco.

*DSLR shall pass the tissues now*

November 2010:
I have had a few hick ups, tried a few other options namely Acanac, Cogeco Data solutions. I am still a supporter just because I believe Rocky will one day come through with his promise for complete transparency; not the fake stuff that we see right now because of lawyers et. al. Other than that, I 100% suggest them to anyone looking for Inexpensive, Reliable and Simple to Manage Service.
March 2010:
I now have three accounts on the go... one with dsl, one with phone.dsl and one with dsl.... They are all running swimmingly and everyone is hunky dory.

Nothing much to say but when i called in to ask a simple question, I found myself being transferred internally a lot... at least it stays int he barn:P haha
October 2009:
I am still impressed, I am more then happy with the Tek way of life. I managed to squeeze a perfect 7MB Profile out of Bell. I think in total I've had about 150 or so tickets submitted to bell, and eventually after much pushing I got what I wanted and more. I had considered Cogeco, and when I called I was called an idiot because I was asking if I could get a /29 from them... ya ok. anyway, Tek has my vote, the order process was painless and the modem has changed so many times by me to try and get the best out of my line. 2-wire is the best for marginal lines and SS5200 is the best for everything else. I am also rather interested that when i call, I'm like a demi-god of sorts cause the the joke is that when I'd call in my Ticket Queue would lock up the server. lmfao.

Bottom Line: Vote with your wallet, Choose Teksavvy!!
April 2009:
I am so impressed, if only BCE would stay away from my Lines It would be perfect. No it is perfect! A few hiccups, but to Tek's credit they got things resolved quickly. Way to Go!
Sign-up 2008:
I have never seen a corporation that is so consumer oriented. Where else can one find a truly bilingual staff, a Tech Support Team who is actually knowledgeable about what they put to market.

I have an unusual setup. I have 2 /29's instead of a larger block. If you think it's nuts, it's not there is method to my madness. I must comment Steve, Josh, Jason esp. for their constant help in configuring this setup. Which is 100% solid now, even tho I had to lose my nice 6meg Fast-path Profile:(.

All in all, I suggest any person who has had it with "the man" having their "hands in their pocket" to make the rather painless switch to Teksavvy.

Rocky and Marc, WAY TO GO! Keep up the good work!


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