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Review by vonSchroeder See Profile

  • Location: Kingston,ON
  • Cost: $41 per month
  • Install: about 5 days
  • Telco party Bell Canada
Good "Great Tech Support, Great Routing/Pings for Gaming, Very Reasonable Cap"
Bad "Been a few unexpected outages lately"
Overall "The best in Ontario, great alternative to Bell/Rogers/Cogeco!"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
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Value for money:
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UPDATE: After approximately one year with Teksavvy DSL I returned to Cogeco Cable in August 2010 in order to take advantage of the DOCSIS 3.0 upgrades that had been rolled out to Kingston and the 30 Mbit speed package that became available. To this day my address in Kingston does not qualify for anything greater than 6 Mbit DSL and Teksavvy has yet to offer service through Cogeco. Please note the above "Positives", "Negative" and "Bottom Line" have been left unedited since the original review. I cannot speak as to Teksavvy's current services as I have not been a customer since August 2010.


I have been with TekSavvy for a few months now since leaving Cogeco back in May '09. I was attracted by TekSavvy's very reasonable cap (200 GB) and cheaper price compared with Cogeco. I currently have Premium Dry Loop DSL Band B with a 5056/800 profile.

I would have been with TekSavvy sooner but the speed I was told to expect was lower than I was willing to accept. When I first moved to this location in September '08 I planned on going with TekSavvy for Internet. I had even purchased a Netopia 3346 modem from Caneris before the move so I would be ready to go. When I called TekSavvy and gave them my address (I don't have local phone service) I was told to only expect 2.5 Mbit at my location. Given that I was going to be sharing the connection with a roommate I made the call that 2.5 Mbit wasn't going to cut it, and reluctantly went with Cogeco. 8 months later Cogeco began to introduce their ridiculous low usage caps and my roommate was not staying for the summer. I decided I could handle 2.5 Mbit by myself for the summer and would decide come September whether to go back to Cogeco once I had a roommate again.

The TekSavvy install went perfectly smooth. I ended up having service well before my official activation date. I picked an activation date a week in the future after my exams were over so I could ensure I would be home if a Bell tech needed to come to my apartment. As it turned out no tech was required and my service was actually active the next business day after I signed up with TekSavvy via their website. I was put on the default 3008/800 profile, but since I was told back in September to only expect this for my location I wasn't concerned. But after checking the line stats it became apparent my line could certainly handle the full 5056/800 profile. So the next day after my official activation date TekSavvy put in the request for a profile change and my line was up to 5056/800 by the end of that day. It was too bad TekSavvy could only estimate 2.5 Mbit for my location because if I had known I could get 5 Mbit I would have been with them 8 months earlier. But I realize they may need to be conservative in their estimates in order to not make any promise they cannot meet.

I have only had one major issue with my service since signing up, and I never learned the exact cause of it. All I know is that one morning I woke up and my line attenuation had jumped from 37.5/21 (downstream/upstream) to 47.5/30 causing my SNR to plummet. This resulted in my line becoming unstable and only obtaining partial sync and the line would drop several times per hour. I was still able to surf, but online gaming and large downloads were out of the question because of the constant loss of sync. I dealt with TekSavvy support entirely through the Direct Support Forum here on DSLReports. They were very helpful at walking me through the issue and treated me as an intelligent human being. When I told them nothing had changed on my end to cause the issue they accepted that and did not make me jump through any hoops to prove I hadn't screwed anything up to cause the issue. This issue happened on a weekend and TekSavvy staff kept me sane until Monday came and Bell could act on a ticket. When Monday did come a Bell tech called me directly to inform me I was back on 5056/800 (I had been dropped to 4 Mbit, interleave at one point during the weekend) and that my line was again pristine. I never found out what the issue was but my line attenuation went back to normal and all was good.

The only negative thing I can say about TekSavvy is the occasional outages there have been as of late. I realize this this is not a regular occurrence and many of the issues were beyond TekSavvy's control. It has not been a great couple months for TekSavvy and this has just by coincidence aligned with my first few months with them. I give them a lot of credit for being open about when there is an issue and not trying to hide it. They keep their customers informed about what they are doing to rectify such issues and ensure they will not occur again.

Overall, I have been very impressed with TekSavvy so far, and I have recommended them to friends, one of which has since also signed up.

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Review of TekSavvy DSL

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