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Review by kyip87 See Profile

  • Location: Toronto,ON
  • Cost: $37 per month
  • Install: about 13 days
  • Telco party Bell Canada
Good "Decent connection. Good Customer Service Reps, do what they can"
Bad "It seems there's always bumps when signing up/upgrading"
Overall "Good once it's up and running. Must be patient"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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I was with Bell Sympatico originally but for certain reasons decided to cancel them. Had some choices, Acanac, Velcom, and Teksavvy. Ultimately chose Teksavvy since i heard some great things from them and a couple of my friends were using them already. Setup was a breeze, customer service was very helpful and friendly. I am using the 200gb/month Residential DSL package, and paying roughly $29-30. The good points are definitely the price, speed of connection, and customer service which are all very good. But for awhile now my connection has been somewhat unstable and drops constantly/randomly for maybe an entire day or two then the problem would subside and return maybe a few weeks or months later. Ive called in for help and they have put in tickets for bell to check my wiring, but like i expected Bell hasnt really found/fixed the problem. However, other then this the service is excellent, especially for the price

you pay for. Highly recommended for great price, decent connection speeds, and great customer service.

Update: About 2 years since i left this review, I'm still with Teksavvy and my previous connection issue has been solved long ago. As of this moment I have no issues at all. Still paying the same 29-30$/month for a decent 3.5 - 4meg dl speed(200gb cap, the cap is more important to me; as long as im getting 3-4megs dl im happy) and the customer service is still excellent.

Update July 5, 2011: Still with Teksavvy DSL, still working good at 3.5-4meg, still paying $30~, But with 300gb cap now instead of 200gb. Customer service is... Don't know cuz i never needed to call in. Everythings good. Can't wait for higher dsl speeds to roll out

Update Feb 4, 2013: Still here with Teksavvy DSL, now they have upgraded the speed to DSL 6 getting about 5meg but the price went up a bit.

I've also been considering to upgrade to DSL 15 but the ridiculous $95 activation fee AND $25 speed change fee is holding me back...I understand it's because Bell has to send a tech over and the $25 goes to a "profile change"... But I thought if I've been a customer for 4-5+ years straight with Teksavvy I could get some kind of discount or fee waived

Update: Feb 13, 2013: Today was my upgrade day to DSL 15meg, At the moment I'm not impressed as I've only reached a max 9meg and as I'm writing this the speed actually decreased and I'm only getting about 7meg. I'm hoping this is just a temperary issue since it's the first day of activation and the speed will go up overnight. Honestly was dreading something like this would happen and I would not have upgraded if I knew this was going to happen. If the worst comes and they tell me the max speed for me is 9meg then the logical thing for me to do is to downgrade to the DSL 10meg package I just hope they don't ding me extra $$ for downgrade of speed

Update: Feb 27, 2013: No connection drop for 3 days now, everything seems to be running okay after two weeks of tech support/3 tech visits(including the first one on install date). Problem was due to Bell Telephone box outside being faulty so they had to fix that and attach in a new phone line through the entry point of the house. getting 13-14mbps on DSL 15/300gb cap which is acceptable for me. Paying a total of $52/month where it is $49.99+tax @ Bell for DSL Fibe 15 with only 60gb/montly cap. All in all I am now satisfied with the upgrade in speed/connection as long as nothing else goes wrong. Thanks Teksavvy

Update: March 8, 2013: Prices changing for the better for current and new customers that jump aboard before the year long promo is up. Currently paying about $52 after tax for DSL15/1 300gb cap... the promo price will lower my bill permanently down to $36.99+tax = $42, awesome stuff once it happens! There are also more speeds for those of you that require it

Update: April 8, 2013: I am now only paying $32.99+tax for DSL 15/1 300gb. Connection has been super stable, did not need to restart once since the issue was fixed back in late february. Couldn't be more satisfied with Teksavvy

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Hi There,

There is only a $95 activation fee. Additional $19.99 if you have a dry loop, however you do not pay for a speed change fee as well. If you are still interested in signing up I'd be more than happy to answer any questions you may have concerning the upgrade.

Toronto, ON

Re: Response.

I tried signing up to upgrade to DSL 15 but it gave me an error before entering the confirmation page...Will I have to call in to upgrade my service? And also will my current filters be okay?

TSI Keith

Re: Response.


If you are unable to complete the upgrade via the my world customer portal than you would have to call in to place the order yes.

I'd just like to clarify the pricing with you as well so there are no surprises. As Liz mentioned the activation fee of 95.00 will apply (114.99 if you have a dry loop) and the 25.00 speed change fee will not apply.

However this will be treated as a new service so the activation fee, plus the first month of 15Mb service, will be due when the order is placed. Then, if there is any time remaining on your current 6Mb service when the 15Mb is activated that time will be credited back on your next statement.

For the splitters they would work fine for the 15Mb as well, but there will likely been a POTS splitter installed as part of the activation/installation which should eliminate the need for those splitters.

If you have any further questions don't hesitate to let us know.

Thank you,
TSI Keith (E-Services) - TekSavvy Solutions Inc.
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Re: Response.

I just had my DSl upgraded from 6 to 15mb. I found it is 14/15 MB early in the morning but it is usually down to 5/6 MB at night. Is it because of traffic? For the activation, the guy just came to my home to show me the speed changed, nothing has been installed or not "POTS splitter" installed. I am still using the old filters I have. Thanks,


Re: Response.

Hi There

If you message us in the direct forum I can have a look at your line to see what's going on and where the issue is stemming from. »TekSavvy Direct

TSI Elizabeth (Social Media & E-Services) - TekSavvy Solutions Inc.
Authorized TSI employee ( »TekSavvy FAQ »Official support in the forum )

"Not all those who wander are lost."

TSI Danielle

re: review update 4/8


Thanks for keeping your review updated. Glad you're happy with how the service is going.

TSI Danielle
Social Media Relations
Teksavvy Solutions Inc.