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Six Month Rating

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Review by Oinktastic See Profile

  • Location: Scarborough
  • Cost: $32 per month (month by month)
  • Telco party Bell Canada
Good "Fast, affordable, good tech-support, awesome DSLR community"
Bad "Rely on Bhell"
Overall "Provider that actually cares about customers and makes things simple"
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My Other Reviews

Update Dec 9, 2011. After installing a POTS splitter last year, the line has been much more stable (goes down 1-2 times a month instead of several times a night). Maybe if I clean up the power feeding the unit, it would be even more stable. I'll try that another day. During my troubleshooting, I replaced my Thomson ST516v6 modem with a TP-Link el cheapo unit and it's chugging along nicely. I recommend the entire line of TP-Link modems. They're cheap, but they're based on the same chipsets that the competition uses. I'm on a 5Mbit/800Kbit Fastpath ADSL1 profile which is a little outdated, but works for everything I need it to. Let's see, what else has changed. Oh yes. The price of the service went up from $29.95 to $31.95 per month, but I still find it reasonably priced.

I feel like TSI has changed a lot in the last year, but I'll leave the main review there anyway just for the heck of it. They still have the same values and customer care and are working on improving after growing exponentially over the last few months.

Update: Oct 9th, 2009. The gap in my DSL spectrum corresponds to local AM radio stations. Anyone know what the procedure is to remedy this situation? If only the tech who visited yesterday had told the truth about Bell's line being shielded, I probably wouldn't be having this problem.

Update: Oct 8th, 2009. Profile was raised to 5000/800 interleave. Bell tech showed today, but left without resolving my line issues. He seemed pretty clueless and really only knew how to connect his equipment and run another test or two. He claimed Bell's telephone wire is shielded, lol. What a waste. I'm being ever-hopeful and I'll get another one sent out asap.

Main Review:

I just started using the service and will be updating this review from time-to-time, because I'm hoping that this is just the beginning of a good relationship with my new ISP.

I called Teksavvy midway through September, to have service activated at the end of September. My cancellation date with 3web, my previous ISP, was the 30th.

TSI sent an activation e-mail with my new login and I was able to use my Teksavvy login long before the activation date. I finished off the month of September with the 3web login, but then I changed the username and password in my router to use Teksavvy on September 30th and I haven't noticed a disruption or slow-down in the internet service since then. Browsing is noticeably faster, pings are lower and more stable, and so far I'm always able to get the speed that I'm supposed to, given my profile: ~425KB/s.

I still have the modem that I bought from 3web, a Speedtouch 516v6. This modem seems shaky on my marginal line, so I picked up a used Siemens SpeedStream 4200, which seems much more stable. Teksavvy allows you to use your own modem or rent or purchase a new one from them, but I didn't require one myself.

My line profile hasn't changed from the 4032/512 interleave profile that I had with 3web, but I'm really hoping I can have something done about my line, because it still drops the connection once in a while. I have to call in and get Teksavvy to ask Bell to look at it. I had this same trouble with 3web and many, many years ago with AEI Internet, but I have a feeling that something can finally get resolved now that I have knowledgeable technical support staff to talk to who are used to dealing with Bell's *ahem* wisdom. I need Bell to actually look at the equipment and not just downgrade my profile, as they are often inclined to do.

At a total of $31.45 per month including tax for the residential premium DSL, I am very happy with the service so far. I would recommend Teksavvy to anyone, especially if you're fed up with Bell's or Rogers' disgusting nickel-and-diming tactics.

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