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Six Month Rating

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Review by graniterock See Profile

  • Location: London,ON
  • Cost: $39 per month
  • Install: about 1 days
  • Telco party Bell Canada
Good "Good price, competent non-scripted tech support"
Bad "Problems on the Bell part of the network need to be referred to bell to fix"
Overall "Teksavvy is the people's ISP."
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Install Co-ordination:
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DSLreports PM'd me and asked me to update my review.

March 2012: Over all still happy. I have knocked connection reliability from a 5 to a 4. I have noticed some DSL slow downs during peak times particularily a few months ago. Not sure if it is congestion related or a line quality issue. Hard to peg down and for the most part slow down is not that great. Over the next year I am planning to switch to TSi cable and ditch the bell phone for TSi phone. If cable treats me well I will probably make the jump to VoIP.

Aug 2011: Still Happy! Wish DSL speed increases were availible in the London area. I don't want to go through the hassle of paying for a new modem and activation with cable. I have noticed an increase in unhappy users over the last few months on the boards. However where Teksavvy shines is that usually within a few days a senior staff person asks to get more details and tries to solve the problem. TS being a slave to Bell and Rogers policies is becoming more clear but this is a time of change in the internet system and I am looking forward to seeing how TS will innovate.

Jan 2011: I have had trouble free service for over a year. I've contacted tech support over minor issues using the direct forums (ie slow changes in speed, ping times) and have always found them helpful.

Older review from 2009:

I've been a bell customer for many years. I ordered the teksavvy service 30 days in advanced and it was activated on time. Coincidentally the modem I had seemed to start having problems around the time I started the service but this wasn't teksavvy's fault. You do have to pay for your own modems, they will support them not but replace them for you (which is explained when you sign up). I'm saving about 20 bucks a month for a slightly slower speed but higher download cap as compared to bell. Which this pays for the modem I bought in less than 2 months. Tech support was useful in figuring out my connection issue which ended up being the modem. There was less than a 30 second hold time everytime I called in. It was refreshing to have tek support agents who critically think about the problem and made the effort to locate the actual problem. Even though the problem was the modem, the tech support agents didn't assume it was a problem on my end and ruled out problems that could occur on their side first. I am quite happy now that I have a new modem. I am totally statisfied that I made the change from bell to teksavvy thus far. My only wish would be that Teksavvy be able to access the same speeds that bell offers. But speed isn't everything.

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