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Review by m3chen See Profile

  • Location: Toronto,ON
  • Cost: $36 per month
  • Install: about 19 days
Good "Canadian Company, Reasonably priced plans; Actually passes savings onto customer (I got a discount when their costs went down!)"
Bad "Still rents lines through Bell; Gives too many excuses now adays (i.e. CRTC / Bell fee)"
Overall "Great for unlimited usage at a reasonable price. New users beware of fees / installations delays."
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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Update [Sept 13/2013]

Service on DSL has been going solid for the last year mostly due to all the trouble shooting / good routing gear setup. Gotta give credit where it is due though; TSI reduced my monthly service charges when their overall costs went down due to the CRTC forcing Bell to have lower and more reasonable rates for renting their last mile. Hats off to you TSI.

Update [April 3/2012]

After a lot of troubleshooting and testing various modems with manufacturer available firmware for the ST516v6; I've concluded that there is something seriously wrong with the ST516v6 with firmware with the IKNS remotes. I ended up changing my ST516v6 to a TP-Link WD8960 and the majority of my speed/ reliability / connectivity issues cleared up. My linestats albeit had some small errors but for the most part is now much cleaner than before with no changes to my internal wiring setup. There is apparently a firmware version out there for the ST516v6 so I'm going to try that out later tonight just to compare how it lines up with the WD8960. All in all, TSI did manage to get Bell to "optimize" my line to 18319/824, so I am getting much closer to the 16mb down and 1 mb up as advertised. I just want to add that as much as I appreciate the bump in speeds (shout out to TSI Paul and Andre), the installation co-ordinating and line stat trouble shooting could be seriously improved. Still good value for money but seems like technical skills are now required as a part of the setup.

Update [March 16/2012]

Things are finally settled down and I now have somewhat reasonable speeds with my line. No one else got back to me on why my install date was set for the wrong day, but at this point it looks like the only thing that can be done is TSI making of a note of it in my profile (probably that I'm a complainer). Atleast my service works somewhat close to what is advertised (16319/729). I'm going to be putting in a request for my service to be optimized so that I can get a true 16/1 connection (19312/1088). Will update you all on what happens.

Update [March 12/2012]

Very annoyed with TSI. I had verbal and e-mail confirmation that my install date was set for the 12 of March and after 5 hours of waiting, I called in and was told my setup date was on the 13 of March from 12 to 9. I thought Bell changed it but the TSI agent confirmed that there no changes and that's how it was entered. TSI needs to get it stuff together in terms of cordinating setups and confirming dates before telling / e-mail customers the wrong info.

Update [Feb 2012]

I'm still using TSI and am still on their 5mb (supposedly 6mb) unlimited plan. I'm not really happy about the price hike (from $39.99 to $45.99) but there is little I can do about it at the moment. It's very likely that I'll be changing to a higher speed plan shortly but I might not stay with TSI as their customer service and open / transparent ways are slowly disappearing. They still have some great staff working there but it seems like they have a lot of work to do in terms of communication with their user base about changes to their product plans and prices.

[Original Post 2008]

I was moving away from Bell's high speed "unlimited" plan which kept getting hiked by Bell (went from $45 to 60 in a few months) ,which I couldn't deal with anymore. So I found out more info about teksavvy and put in an order for their services about a years and half ago. Haven't looked back since and service has been great. Only complaint is the speed, but the unlimited usage more than makes up for it.

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