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Review by BGB See Profile

  • Location: Waterloo,ON
  • Cost: $29 per month
  • Telco party Bell Canada
Good "MLPPP, Good Support, Fair price"
Bad "Slow connection (Thanks to Bell)"
Overall "I recommend TSI to friends, and will be switching to TSI Cable once it's available in KW do fix the Bad points. :)"
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·TekSavvy Cable
I was using a TSI DSL connection in Kitchener-Waterloo, using a Dry loop DSL connection, and MLPPP, and my only problem is the slow speeds. I know this is not TekSavvy's fault, but Bell's fault since they got me on a 2496/600 profile. (and according to bell the connection sucks so I can't get faster).

Every time I called into TSI Support, the staff was helpful and helped me fix my problem. Early on i had a disconnect issue, but that was resolved when TSI opened a ticket with Bell (which resulted in my lower speeds).

I am a extremely satisfied TekSavvy customer and have been since the fall of 2007. I have recommended them to many people, .

The icing on the cake, when Bell introduced Throttling on the line, TSI introduced MLPPP, which allowed me to use my pre-existing WRT54GL router running Tomato to avoid throttling.

Thank you TekSavvy for fighting the evil Bell overlords, and giving us a choice to get around their ridiculous policies, and for standing up for the average Canadian Internet User so we can have fair Internet access in Canada (and NOT what Bell calls fair)

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