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Review by BLUP9720 See Profile

  • Location: Guelph,ON
  • Cost: $43 per month
Good "Customer Service, Price, Value, Reliability, Bandwidth Capacity"
Bad "Limited Speeds, Activation Costs"
Overall "Objects in rear-view mirror ARE better than they appear. Change is good."
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Rogers and I go back. Way back. Back to when AOL was a thriving ISP and their CDs were found in almost every cereal box, mailbox, and magazine. Back to a time when Windows 95 was the best version of Windows Microsoft had ever released. Back to when unlimited really meant unlimited and a time when Rogers had a partnership with @home to bring unlimited high speed Internet to many homes across Ontario.

Forward to 2004 and I started searching for alternative Internet Service Providers. I can’t remember the reasons, but something about Rogers gave me the itch and the scratch to search for a new ISP. Between a small provider here or an out of business provider there I managed to find a new ISP that, believe it or not, was eventually bought out by a bigger one, which I think ultimately may have gone out of business. I recently visited their website and it still reads ©2001 and save for the “Under Construction” gifs looks convincingly 2001-ish by design as to prove their point—ask me and I will give you their website address to see for yourself.*

Back to Rogers I went, always hoping for an alternative. Always looking over my shoulder for a true contender. Someone that provides great service at competitive prices and hopefully isn’t on the verge of leaving me Internet-less. Overall, having been a customer of Rogers I was very happy with the services provided, but slowly my smile began to fade. Bandwidth caps started appearing while the Internet grew faster than ever requiring more bandwidth than ever before. At the same time Rogers increased their prices, throttled some services, then increased the prices some more. I was fed up. I was more serious than ever about dissolving our relationship. Bell was never an alternative as their price versus performance made Rogers look like a true champ. Quite frankly, from what I saw recently it still does.

Forward to 2010 and the day I was stuck behind a TTC bus in Toronto traffic at a red light with a TekSavvy ad facing me square in the eye. I read it. I read it again. I liked what I saw: Cheap…unlimited…Internet…Go on. Okay, so I don’t recall the unlimited part, but I wanted to know more. I thumbed their telephone number into my BlackBerry and their website into my memory for later use. I was nervous about taking the plunge. A couple of days dragged by before I went to their website to read up on their services. I even called their toll-free number and spoke to a very friendly person on the other end. Twice. Finally I said, “Okay”, and called Rogers with bad news. That day we broke up. Rogers said they could change. They even offered me a discount on the services in return for a 12 month commitment. I said I couldn’t. I said I wouldn’t. I’m wasn't ready to commit to a long term relationship. We agreed they’d be out of my house in 30 days.

I called TekSavvy and asked them to move in. As with other services, there was a move-in fee ($19.99 for Dry-Loop DSL), but it was offset by the low living expenses.

Their service is slightly slower than the 10 Mbps Rogers was offering, but their price is much less than the $100 I was paying per month on average because I could never conform to their 95 Gig bandwidth cap. TekSavvy offers more than twice that!—200 GB to be exact—for $30 a month plus Band Rate ($9.10/month for my area).

I’ve been using their Dry Loop DSL service for a few weeks now and I must say I am extremely pleased. Before I get ahead of myself, I must say that I was very peeved at the appointment experience. I think it had to do more with Bell than TekSavvy, but the bottom line was that it affected me and my entire day. I was told that a (Bell) technician was to show up at my house on the agreed day. I wasn’t sure what s/he would be doing here. Maybe he would show up to connect two wires together. Perhaps it was to look at the wiring to make sure there were two wires there to connect. Or maybe it was to see if the juice is in the wires to make the Internet go. I don’t know, but it ate up my entire day. Rogers, among others, was notorious for this in the 80’s when they said they’d show up to connect your cable sometime between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. . You’d plan your entire day around a random and quite spontaneous rendezvous with a technician that lasted all of about 15 minutes and managed to consume up 10 hours of your day because you never knew when he'd show up. All to run a test to see if there was a signal in the wire coming out of the ground and connect that wire to the one going into your wall. This experience was no different. I had to be home or else if I missed the appointment I would have to wait at least five business days before the technician could revisit my home. I swear, if I was on the "John" I would have missed him and never would have known it. Lucky for me I wasn't when he knocked on my door and said everything was good to go. What did he do, I asked. Nothing. Well, so little it was nothing. He opened up the box on the side of the house and … well, looked at something and said it looked good, closed it back up and wouldn’t step in the house even if I offered… no, begged to offer him a coffee, beer, money. I guess he had two demarcation points: one leading into my wall at the wire and the other one at the front door and he refused to cross either. I just wanted to get my time’s worth. I booked an entire day for a 5 minute job. I almost asked him if he knew how to hook up cable.

The speed offered by TekSavvy is what I expected. Have unreasonable expectations and thy shall be disappointed. They advertise speeds up to 5 Mbps down and 800 k up and I average about four down and around 500 k up (though 0.00001 Mbps is still technically UP TO 5 Mbps--you get my point). It takes minimal adjusting when you come down from 10 Mbps. For the most part you will never notice it. Think of it less than driving 60 km/h in a 40 km/h zone and more of driving 180 in a 160 zone. It’s fast and for the most part I can’t tell the difference. It's not the surfing, but the downloading where you'll notice the speed depreciation.

Bandwidth caps are 200 Gigs per month, NOT billing cycle with a truly unlimited option should I find myself reaching my current limits. Even if I do go over it’s a quarter a Gig at TekSavvy compared to a buck a Gig offered by Rogers. Even gasoline is cheaper these days than virtual bits and bytes on the red team.

Downtime hasn’t happened yet. Perfect up time so far. They offer 3 email addresses, but I haven’t explored that venue yet so I can’t comment on it. Quite frankly, I haven’t even researched how, so I don’t know what email I may be getting on the email accounts provided by TekSavvy. DSL prices will go up by two dollars as of Canada Day, but they are low to begin with and with the expansion of bringing Internet over cable to many areas in Ontario, as well as mention of Internet Television I can skip that coffee tomorrow and it will pay the increase for the entire month. Consider that a steal for what you get in return. Besides, if I brew my own coffee at home I will save even more. Who said "yaay"?

I must also mention how I love that the TekSavvy people are on these forums offering to right the wrongs to their customers and other members of the site and providing outstanding customer service. For anyone who has heard of Frank Eliason on Twitter, you’ll know that “comcastcares” (pun intended). This is the TekSavvy version on DSLReports. Totally awesome. Love the idea and thank whoever made that call at TekSavvy. Talk about positive P.R. This is a way to do it!

Am I happy? I’m overjoyed. I love the service. I love the promises. I love the price. I love the value. Anyone looking for a great steal on Internet service should stop to look at TekSavvy. Sometimes a breakup of an old relationship is worth it to find better love elsewhere.

Often things may appear too good to be true. Tomorrow you may have to take your rose coloured glasses off. Today it really is the real deal.

With TekSavvy DSL service offered on a month to month basis you really can keep your rose coloured glasses on, one month at a time.

Without a long term commitment.

I really think it's love at first website.


*A few people sent me a message asking for that "out of business" ISP mentioned at the beginning of my review, so, here it is: the site is at tht.net . .... Sadly (?) that company really appears to have since gone out of business... I guess I'll never be able to return their modem now....

*UPDATE, 12 Feb 2011*

Teksavvy not only resisted the change of the limited bandwidth caps imposed by the CRTC, but encouraged other users to push for what is best for the general user: US. Me and you.

This push helped to remove the restriction on the ISPs to limit the bandwidth caps until further notice while the situation is being looked into, and allows the ISPs to do what is in the best interest of the consumer. Did Rogers do it? NO!!! Did Bell do it? NO!!! Why should they? Their interests are reserved by the other "dog they have in this hunt": CABLE (or satellite)! Why sell virtual bits when you can bargain for real dollars selling you channels you don't need or want, to only sell you the one that you do as part of some package. Teksavvy not only reinstated their previous "caps", but for those who 'only' had 200GB, they were given a 50% increase in their bandwidth cap. It was raised to 300 GB!!!!!!! That's more than the 250 GB the people in the US were bitching about for Comcast's limit.

Think about it! Teksavvy is out there to make a profit and stay in business, like any other company, and I get it, but they are looking out in the interest that is best for the consumer (that's me and you again). I feel this is a company, few and far between, that actually cares about the users as much as it cares about its bottom line.

I haven't had any problems, and I stand behind their service one hundred percent, just the way they stand to provide that service to me.

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