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Review by gruntlord6 See Profile

  • Location: Barrie,ON
  • Cost: $41 per month
  • Install: about 7 days
  • Telco party Bell Canada
Good "Very Good Connection Speed"
Bad "Payment Issues"
Overall "Satisfied"
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Just got connected yesterday, and not even 2 hours into my first session I received an email stating that I had not paid the value due. It took me an hour emailing the accounting department before the issue was cleared up. Turns Out the website has the wrong Teksavvy account listed. I sent my payment to CID35780 when I was told to send future payments to CID61893. On a side note, when you call the support number there isn’t any mention of the company name, and they answer the phone as "Tech Support". It would be more professional to state the company name to confirm you have called the right number.

As to my actual connection, I am more then satisfied. I am receiving a very acceptable 4.5 mb download and a below acceptable .3mb upload, though I am guessing that’s to do with the actual connection rather then my profile. Another thing I would like to mention is that the bell employee was less then through when filling out the paperwork, not only was it not placed on my door(I found it on my lawn) but he simply wrote my last name and the word "dry loop". Again, not a problem with Teksavvy. My final Note is yet another bell related one, Bell throttles your torrents. I bypassed this by using vuze with encrypted traffic enabled. I am getting unthrottled speeds now

All in all I am loving the quick staff responses, Reasonable speed and high bandwidth cap(more then twice Rogers and 3 times bell). My only problem is with Bell and the price, which is again a bell problem

As soon as cable is here, I will switch over to Teksavvy cable. Better my money go to Rogers and Teksavvy then help bell. Teksavvy FTW!

Update December 11 2010: Service is still impeccable. but bell throttling is getting worse. Waiting for Teksavvy cable to be in my area.

Update March 6 2011:No throttling from bell since December, I consistently meet or beat the speed that I am supposed to be getting. No issues with this service.

Update April 26 2011: I am actually getting above the advertised download speed. Rock solid service as always.

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