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Review by creed3020 See Profile

  • Location: Kitchener,ON
  • Cost: $46 per month
  • Install: about 11 days
Good "High bandwidths caps for affordable prices"
Bad "Installation was unsuccessful and poorly coordinated"
Overall "Won't find internet service like this from the other guys"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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My Other Reviews

·TekSavvy Cable
Pre-Ordering: I knew where I would be living come Sept 1 back in July and have been calling Sales on and off to determine what services would be available. I was told that cable service was hopefully coming to my area by September. I have used services from Bell and Rogers before and I am comfortable using either service I wanted to start fresh with Teksavvy with my new home. As it turned out September came and cable was not an option and I have no interest in a land line phone so a dry loop DSL was the only option. The website was very helpful in determining what packages/modem/pricing I could get but beyond that I relied on the TekSavvy forums for more information.

Ordering: I tried to order through the website but found this impossible because I do not have a landline phone. I called the 1-877 number and was connected to sales after a 5 minute wait on hold. The lady I spoke too was very polite, informative, and had no trouble speaking and understanding technical terminology related to my service order. I ordered the DSL Dry Loop Premium service. I received a decent amount of information and was told I will get a confirmation email. I did get this email and confirmed the order. At this point I felt that not enough information had been communicated about the installation.

Installation: I live in a 1 year old condominium and I figured the setup would be straight forward for Bell. On or before the installation day I received no phone call or information as to what is expected on that day. I had no clue if I needed my wife to be home for the day to ensure that someone could get in if necessary. The activation day and came went and the DSL light on my Speedtouch 516 never turned on. I waited another 12 hours just to see and when that resulted in no change I called Technical Support. From this point onward every call to technical support was at least a 30 minute wait on the phone which is a tad too long for me. Personally, I work technical support for a software company so I guess I have certain expectations and on the flip side I can understand what it is like to be very busy. I explained to the tech what the issue was and he put a ticket into Bell for me. I was told to expect 2 calls in the next 48 hours, one from the Bell Support Center and one from Teksavvy Technical support.

Installation Part 2: As it turns out a Bell service vehicle shows up Saturday morning at my building and I approach the tech to ask if he was here for my ticket. Unfortunately he was there for another trouble ticket but he was courteous enough to look up on the status of my ticket but he was unable to give me any details without my DSL Dry Loop number. I phoned in to Teksavvy twice that day but both times I hung up frustrated at the 45 minute wait on hold. I never got the number so I was not able to get the Bell tech to help me. As it turns out later that day I got a call from Bell scheduling a tech to visit tomorrow. This tech shows up within the time frame and doesn't speak very clear English but he takes a look at the setup and realizes the problem is somewhere else. Once he returns and we restart the modem the DSL light turns on and I got sync within a couple of minutes!

Post Installation: The service has now been up 5 days and I have had a rock solid connection without any disconnects. The speed matches the profile fairly closely when considering DSL overhead. I am happy that a technical resolution was attainable and that the second tech knew what they were doing. The original installer clearly had no clue what they were doing and caused us to be without service for an additional 4 days but I hope that the many stable months ahead with TekSavvy will make that a distant memory.

That is all for now ....


UPDATE: I moved out of this residence and therefore cancelled this connection. This dry loop dsl was the best DSL service I have ever had and was rock solid. The speeds were consistent. I still have my modem just in case one day I revisit using DSL.

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