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Review by EvilAaron See Profile

  • Location: Campbell River,BC
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
  • Telco party Telus
Good "Freedom to not worry about and micromanage BW usage, no port blocking, unlimited usage plans, support an independent ISP"
Bad "Tech support can't see line stats on Telus, Limited to slow 6Mbit, transfer delay leads to internet downtime."
Overall "Best option in my city for a heavy internet use family."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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6Mbit plan for $35.00 per month + $10.00 for unlimited usage.

Order process was smooth, Teksavvy customer service/sales was quick and professional.

Install had some grief as Telus disconnected us, but it was almost a week of internet down before they activated the port for us. For a family that relies on internet its a hard to have such downtime on an ADSL to ADSL ISP switch.

Provided my own hardware. Had 3 ADSL modems all of which work on my Teksavvy connection. Old Linksys adslme1, Thomspson Speed Touch & a TP-link TP-8816. Have an WRT54GL with Tomato as a router.

The Bad:
-Downtime during switch over.
-The fact Teksavvy can not directly look at line stats or make changes on the Telus system so you get delays of support tickets.
-Lower upstream speed sync on all modems same hardware and wall jacks all around.
-No modern speed choices thus stuck with 6Mbit.

The Good:
-Unlimited plan options, as a family with very high internet use from assorted streaming Netflix etc great peace of mind knowing what the bill will be month to month no over usage charges or insurance tacked on.
-No port blocking and the ability to host servers.
-No overseas call center, top tier support much easier to obtain.
-Supporting a small ISP that spends resources working toward better choice's of internet in Canada for families that use the internet for all its good for not just email.

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