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Review by s0dhi See Profile

  • Location: Brampton,ON
  • Cost: $87 per month
  • Install: about 20 days
  • Telco party Bell Canada
Good "Inexpensive, fast, decent bandwidth."
Bad "Horrible installation process - full of issues and hiccups."
Overall "Worth the $$$ if you can handle some instability and delays in support."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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The installation process was awful with missed appointments, incorrect hardware shipped, etc; however, this was largely Bell's doing and not Teksavvy's.

After the first week, there has been an hour of downtime which I don't have a reason for at this time. Otherwise the connection has been stable and fast.

UPDATE: Nov. 10, 2011

I did suffer through ~4 days of downtime due to some issues at the remote.

I have had to report at least 3 tickets for this issue. The first was mistakenly closed by someone because they transposed the date and thought it to be an old issue (8/11 vs. 11/8) The second call resulted in a "fix" that lasted a couple of hours before the connection went down again. The third call made yesterday (Wednesday) resulted in someone coming out this evening to resolve the issue.

All in all, a much longer path to resolution than I would have liked, but at least the issue has been resolved and communication from TSI excellent.

UPDATE: Mar. 3, 2013

Everything has been running rock solid since the the last review. I'm thoroughly satisfied with Teksavvy's offering and today placed the order to upgrade to the 50/10 service.

UPDATE: Apr. 12, 2013

There were some issue with the upgrade to 50/10 in that:
1) Bell scheduled the work to be completed a a week from the order date. (kind of a long lead time to switch a profile)
2) Bell marked the upgrade ticket completed without actually doing anything
3) I had to open a ticket with Teksavvy to have Bell to get the original work performed
4) Bell arbitrarily set the profile such that I could only test at 46Mbps downstream
5) I had to open a ticket with TSI to correct this profile, but Bell refused to acknowledge the issue
5) I had to escalate the speed issue with TSI so that my profile would be set as it is for other TSI customers
6) TSI came through and got the profile set correctly

Since that ordeal, the connection has been rock solid and fast. It tests at just over 50/10 using speedtest.net

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TSI Alan
Chatham, ON

April 12, 2013 Service Review


Thank you for your latest update and feedback.

We do apologize for the rough spots in your recent upgrade to the 50/10 DSL service.
We also appreciate your understanding that some of the issues were beyond our control.

However, know that we will always do whatever we can to make things right for our customers!


TSI Alan (E-Services) - TekSavvy Solutions Inc.
Authorized TSI employee
Follow us on Twitter: @TekSavvyCSR; @TekSavvyNetwork

Brampton, ON
·TekSavvy DSL

Re: April 12, 2013 Service Review


TSI has been great and the day-to-day service is excellent. The connection has been reliable and fast.

The only time I've had issues, they have been related to Bell.

• Initial install botched and appointments missed - took about 2 weeks to clear up
• Connection downtime resolved by Bell after 3 support calls created
• Bell mandated rental Cellpipe modem spontaneously rebooting due to firmware bug - took 6 months for Bell to address and resolve
• Upgrade from 25/10 to 50/10 - two weeks to clear up
• Bell mandated Sagemcom modem won't do a true bridge mode and is limited to 35Mbps downstream - Bell is forcing the rental of this POS with the 50Mbps service
• Bell mandated Sagemcom modem goes into a pseudo online state where it is online but doesn't actually function - I'm told is resolved with power cycling - hardly reliable

Since the Cellpipe issue was severely impacting my consulting work (I work from a home office every day conference calls dropped, connections dropped), I went out and purchased a ZyXEL P-870 VDSL modem and having been using that since January 2012.

Note: I have been forced to pay $8/month to rent crap, buggy, locked, defective modems - this issue still hasn't been addressed - either deliver working, reliable hardware, or let me use my own (without taking $8/month from me).

Anyhow,TSI has been great - Bell, lobbyists, & the CRTC, not so much.

TSI Danielle

Re: April 12, 2013 Service Review

Hi Kev,

Thanks for the update on your review. I can totally understand your frustration with the modem rental issue. We are working on getting that mandatory rental removed as part of the service, but we don't have a timeline yet on that. Just know we are working on it.

I'm glad that the service with us has been good and consistent on our side. I apologize for the difficulties along the way when dealing with vendor issues. We'd definitely like things to go more smoothly.

Again, thank you for keeping your review updated. We appreciate knowing when things are going well and when they're not.

TSI Danielle
Social Media Relations
Teksavvy Solutions Inc.