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Review by blitzd See Profile

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Good "Very high bandwidth caps"
Bad "Absolutely crap technical support"
Overall "Works great, until you have issues, or want to move"
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My experience with TekSavvy has been the equivalent of a greek tragedy - it started off great, and degraded into the realm absolutely horrible. I was very skeptical up front with the answers I got from TekSavvy technical support regarding when my service would be activated, I wasn't too worried though as we had our Rogers internet and phone available for an overlap period. However, TekSavvy had to have a Bell technician sent out no less than 4 times to get the combination of our front door buzzer, our phone, and our DSL service all working properly. One day internet and phone would work, the next day it was just gone - that's how it went for the first two months. I was willing to chalk this all up to the initial hiccups of service change, but my continued experience has been that this is just par for the course with TekSavvy.

The next issue I had was with their $25 credit for new sign ups. I was told it would be applied to our second bill, but it wasn't. I called in and the lady in accounting said - oh, just don't pay your bill and it will be applied. So we didn't, and we got sent a notice that we were going to have our service cut off - this was all while we we out of town on vacation, so I got to sit on hold waiting on their technical support line, paying long distance fees, to get it all sorted out. They apologized profusely, as they always do.

And then the piece de resistance, we submit a move request via their online form, which has no area to set an effective date - so I added it in the comments. Lo and behold, they take the move request as effective immediately - my only indication of this is a message left on my answering machine a week later saying that I screwed up my address saying it was a townhouse when it was a house (it's not, it's a townhouse), and that they're going to have to resubmit it and have it active for Sept 17th (we're not moving until Oct 1). I emailed twice, between the 12th and 16th of Sept inquiring about this - got no response.. I finally call technical support on the 16th to see what's going on, and they tell me they've been trying to call me - guess what, my phone service is down - no incoming phone calls. So, now I'm stuck with my service set to move on Sept 17th, they say they can't stop it because they need 48 hours notice, and I'm not moving until the first of Oct.

Every single interaction I have had with this organization has been buggered all to hell. I absolutely despise Rogers, and I'm not a fan of Bell - but I may just have to suck it up and go back because TekSavvy seems anything BUT tech savvy.

The only saving grace of this service is the high bandwidth caps - but there's other resellers of Bell out there that offer the same. I would avoid them.

Update - we decided to give TekSavvy another chance, since a TekSavvy employee had said that our phone and DSL would be set up at our new place on Oct 1st as a consequence of the move order being done too early, and that they would waive the moving fee. Unfortunately they screwed up the address, installed our phone at the wrong unit, had a totally different address for the DSL order (which wasn't even slated to go in until the 5th). They also billed us for the moving fee - which the TekSavvy employee said he would have fixed, and then they billed us for it again today.

So, we're switching ISPs now - I regret giving TekSavvy another chance.

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