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Review by tristen1230 See Profile

  • Location: Belleville,ON
  • Cost: $40 per month
Good "Great Price, Fast, Unlimited Cannot go Wrong!"
Bad "Speeds Fluctuate Quite Often"
Overall "Great Internet and Fast"
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·TekSavvy Cable
I just ordered Teksavvy and pre sales & Tech support or Customer Service have been great. I am crossing my fingers nothing goes wrong so when it gets hooked up it will be %100 all the way. I wish I found this earlier for Netflix. I am switching because had a lot of really bad experiences with Cogeco.

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Update 1 07/10/2011 - Got our Modem one week after order. The day they told us we would receive it which was great.

Update 2 12/10/2011 - Had the Bell guy come over and set up the phone. That went very smoothly.

Update 3 18/10/2011 - We got our internet at 10:30 pm which was expected. I originally had 14 MBPS internet with cogeco and I find not speed difference between Cogeco & Teksavvy speed when loading pages. I am so glad.

Update 4 19/10/2011 - We just found out Teksavvy cashed a cheque after we said not to but they solved it fast.

Update 5 28/12/2011 - I have added a link to all the results of my Speedtest results!

Update 6 04/04/2012 - We had to cancel Teksavvy because we are moving to a different place in Belleville and they only offered 2 MBPS and no unlimited so we have went with Cogeco for now and once Teksavvy offer 6 MBPS unlimited or cable unlimited we will go back if the Cogeco 12 month contract is over.

Update 7 23/08/2012 - Due to the recent changes we now have 6 Mbps in our area and will be a returning customer either soon or in April next year depending on the cancellation fees with Cogeco.

Update 7 05/10/2012 - Just want to update on that we will be going back April due to the $75 cancellation fee of our internet service with Cogeco. $75 is Internet and Phone for a month combined so we could not afford it. I cannot wait. I hate having to wait to the end of the month to download games I have bought and with game getting up to 20 GB I cannot live of 80 GB a month.

Update 8 22/10/2012 - For some reason now only dial-up is available in our area. Bell must have changed something. 5 MbPS was available for a little time. Sad ;( . Stuck with Cogeco now. I heard rumors Teksavvy is trying to get some deals with Cogeco Cable. I am in a Cogeco area so crossing my fingers!

Update 9 2/2/2013 - I am becoming a Cogeco beta tester for Teksavvy! I will be hooked up with cable on Monday the 11th of February.

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Why are you waiting for TekSavvy

Why are you waiting for TekSavvy to strike a deal when you can just use which is vastly superior to TekSavvy

TSI Jonathan

You heard it right!

It should be coming down the pipe shortly. Our CEO Marc posted in the fallowing link that we are aiming for Nov - Dec. We are all very excited for it!

»[Cable] Any updates on Cogeco?


TSI Jonathan
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TSI Pierre
Baby, Wanna see what 400Gigs looks like?
Chatham, ON

Thanks for the detailed info

And thanks for being a TekSavvy Advocate! We are working with Cogeco so Stay Tuned!

As for your Dial-up/Dsl etc... please post in the Direct Forum and we can qualify your address again. This seems quite odd to me!
TSI Pierre - TekSavvy Solutions Inc.
VP Operations


Belleville, ON

Re: Thanks for the detailed info

Seemed quite odd to me too. I even called you a couple months ago to make sure. I am currently speaking with Marc about the address.



Hi There,

We hope the beta testing goes great for you. I am currently on the 14 meg package and haven't had a single issue in over a year! Please let us know how the service works for you.

Liz M
TSI Elizabeth (Social Media & E-Services) - TekSavvy Solutions Inc.
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