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Review by chex383 See Profile

  • Location: Montreal,QC
  • Cost: $65 per month
  • Install: about 30 days
  • Telco party Bell Canada
Good "Fast speeds, excellent customer service, geek-savvy,"
Bad "IP peering in Toronto, 600 kms away from me in Montreal"
Overall "The best ISP I have been with in years."

When I found out that Bell's VDSL offering had become available to independent ISPs, and TekSavvy, I did my research and placed an order to switch from Primus DSL right away.

I ordered the 25/7 VDSL package. first it was $80/month, but recent dropped to $50+dry-loop fee and taxes.

Order process was great, very smooth, and informative.

I was worried about the install process, I am in a multi-unit house, with the NID in a neighbour apartment, and very difficult to run new wires in the building. I got lucky, and the quality of my wires was good, and the tech connected me to VDSL and said my sync speeds were very good.

I connected my modem, (CellPipe, VDSL router ) configured my access, and viola; I had full 25/7 speeds, with decent latency , considering my round-hop to Toronto and back for local connections in Montreal.

I am very very happy with TekSavvy, and the service I have.

Regards, Stefan

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