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Six Month Rating

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Review by marknotmarc See Profile

  • Location: Gloucester,ON
  • Cost: $70 per month
  • Install: about 7 days
Good "Very fast upload and download"
Bad "Modem reboots"
Overall "Not worth the hassle"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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My Other Reviews

·Bell Fibe
The install process went smoothly with the exception of the Bell contractor telling me that there was only one technician coming, when in fact a second was scheduled for the evening. It took several calls to technical support over a two week period to get the second technician to come out to install the filter.

The modem provided by Bell currently has reboot issues. It will spontaneously reset from every hour to every couple of days. Not so much of an issue except if you are on a VOIP phone call or VPN'ed into work. From what has been learned it has to do with firmware After a month Bell sent a tech with a different firmware that was very stable. One month after that my modem has been patched remotely to the defective firmware.

Details of the issue are located here: »[DSL] Cellpipe random reboots / loss of sync (Check logs please?

Once this gets resolved I would definitely recommend the service.

Update: 6 months later the issue is still not resolved. Teksavvy is selling this service with no disclaimer on the issue. Updates are few and far between and largely turn out to be inaccurate.

Update: Reboot issue was fixed in July. Bell patched the faulty Cellpipes, but are also now sending out Sagemcom modems.

Update: From July to January the service was stable and reliable. Then there was a Bell technician broke my wiring in the Bell networking box. Calling Teksavvy a ticket was opened with Bell and a repair was made the next day. However speeds after the repair were inconsistent and my line stats became very poor. Monday Feb 11th called Teksavvy. They had me reboot my modem and tested the line stats. They were poor but I was getting adequate speed. They advised me to call back if the issue persisted. Called again that evening and another call was placed and a Bell ticket was opened to look at the line again and the Teksavvy agent added a modem swap to a more recent modem. Bell closed the ticket 1/2 hr later after shipping the modem, but not fixing the line. Another call was placed with Teksavvy. Waited in the queue, call answered, I was authenticated and the call was dropped. Called again and was advised to wait for the new modem before opening a ticket. Modem arrived, same poor line stats. Sent an email asking for a Bell technician. Received email asking to accept the terms of a Bell tech service call. Accepted terms on Friday at 10 am. No response was received by 7 pm Saturday. Signed up for alternate internet with Rogers and cancelled Teksavvy. Received a response a 9 pm asking if I still wished a Bell ticket initiated.

Bottom line: Although Teksavvy may be polite and offer good rates the process of resolving network or hardware issues from their suppliers leaves much to be desired. The lack of feedback or responsiveness to the modem reboot issue left a sour taste. (If you say you will know more in a week, even if you have nothing to report, please inform us). Having spent 3 hours on the phone for the last week of service trying to get a Bell tech dispatched was the last straw. On my last day of service I was getting 1.04 Mb/s DL and 1.16 Mb/s UL with a ping of 207 ms. while paying $79.20 a month with the hardware rental, dry loop, and taxes included.

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