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Review by joshhsoj1902 See Profile

  • Location: Gatineau,QC
  • Cost: $55 per month
  • Install: about 10 days
Good "Cheaper then alternatives."
Bad "Not very willing to admit they've made a mistake"
Overall "If you don't care that they don't really care about if you are happy with them or not. it's a great choice..."
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
(ratings well below consensus)

(This was for the DSL service) I have been a customer for about 7-8 months with no issues. But then the lucky march promo started and I decided why not upgrade to a faster speed.

I applied for the upgrade through a button they added to the on-line MyWorld section, and unfortunately it didn't actually warn me that a technician would need to be dispatched... If I had known this at the time I wouldn't have upgraded, Taking a day off work negates the no upgrade fee and I didn't need the fast speeds. During this upgrade application i did have to choose an "Activation date" but I figured that considering i already had a line set up this was just a matter of changing a setting on their end.

So about 5-6 days later at about 11PM on the 13th i get an email telling me this:

Your up to 10.0 Megabit; Residential DSL service is set to be tentatively activated on 15-03-2012 anywhere between the hours of 8am to Midnight. Please note that your activation date could be delayed up to 10 business days due to unanticipated circumstances.

Please note that the installation of your new DSL service requires two separate technician visits:
1) A technician will arrive between noon and 5pm on the day of activation. The technician may require access to your building's demarcation point. If you are located in an apartment building or other multi-unit location, please ensure the technician is able to gain access to the building's wiring room.
2) A technician will arrive between 5pm and 9pm on the day of activation. The technician will require access to your building's demarcation point, as well as your inside telephone wiring/jacks. If you are located in an apartment building or other multi-unit location, please ensure the technician is able to gain access to the building's wiring room.
If nobody is available at your location when either technician arrives, additional charges will apply. Note that someone 18 years or older must be present at your location for the dispatch.

So right now I'm thinking "Wow, this really sucks. not only do i have to get a day off work, it has to be very last minute..."

So like any hopeful person i fire off them an email asking this:

My second thing was only if a technician really needed to come. for me this is an upgrade for the 6M service, and that one works fine. And if he does really need to come. Do i need to be home for the first visit (it says that they visit twice). the demarcation point at my place is located outside.

So I just wanted confirmation that i really needed to be there. I would have been home by 5PM for the second guy. and i could avoid talking a day off it would be great. They reply fairly quickly. (2PM the next day) telling me this:

As for the technicians, you will need to be home at the time of both tech visits. It is necessary for the techs to come out since the higher speeds are part fibre lines. Unfortunately we are unable to change that.

So I bite the bullet and take the day off.

At about 6PM the next day with no visit yet I start looking on line for any information and find this site, and I learn that many people are having this issue. So at this point I'm feeling kinda annoyed because I had a hard time getting this day off work and I knew it would be hard to get another one.

The next day I get a call from TSI telling me my date has been approved for the 20th. they didn't seem to acknowledge that any error had been made so i ask them if they are doing anything to compensate for the people who took a day off work for nothing because the activation dates had been changed with out notification. She just told me that the date in that email was just confirmation that the upgrade request had been processed and that date was tentative. But my issue was that they didn't notify me that the date changed. the understanding i got from her is that i should have called to confirm that my date was still the same. If i hadn't been at work i would have given her a bit more of my mind but i didn't really want to make a scene. So I accepted what she had to say and decided to send them another email instead.

So i fire off a few email back and forth with TSI stating that i'm quite unhappy with how this is being handled by them. any they keep giving me the same "That date is tentative" which really isn't sitting well with me because to me that's like saying i should have called that morning to confirm it's still the same date, where i think they should have either contacted me, or not even given a date. (just think how many man hours would have been saved if the email had said "In the 10 days you will be given your activation date")

So the 20th comes along and I take the day off. at some point during the day my profile gets bumped up and everything seems to be fine. so i enjoy the speeds while waiting for the tech guys. and guess what. NO ONE SHOWS UP.

So at this point i'm pretty annoyed, sure my speed is upgraded, but I have taken 2 days off work. and i even asked if i really had to. and in the end all i did was waste to days.

So i fire off another email to them explaining that i'm very unhappy now. and I get this as my reply:

I\'m very sorry for the trouble we have caused. In the email we sent you it says the date is a tentative activation date. We cannot guarantee anything, as we depend on Bell. They can change things whenever they feel they need to.

I\'m very sorry.

So at this point I feel sorta defeated. in most cases i feel companies take customer satisfaction more seriously, especially a no contract company (which i always felt must require good customer satisfaction). But the best they have done is say it's my fault for not confirming, and then saying sorry. but at this point i felt like they owed me for being unable to communicate with me what was going. By taking those days 2 off work i could pay for about 5 months of service on my old plan. any they didn't seem to care at all

so I figured this experience deserves a review. at this point i would no longer recommend TSI to friends. and i don't think I'll go with them after the lease on my apartment here ends.

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