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Review by gorally See Profile

  • Location: Markham,ON
  • Cost: $50 per month
  • Telco party Bell Canada
Good "Pre-sales coordination was excellent"
Bad "anything after the day that I am supposed to be online"
Overall "I will second thought before I jump the ship"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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I had Rogers cables over 10 years. Main reason I want move is their Cap. My usage exceed 50% over the allowance. They put me into a pretty good deal to upgrade to Extreme plus with about 30% off. I signed up but they screwed up my order when I picked up the modem. I was out for 2 days then I decided to move. I heard of TekSavvy in the past and wanted to give it a try. First impression was great because the sales lady picked up the call in no time and explain all the packages to me. They completed my 16mbps 300G order in 15 mins. I was so excited of my ex-Rogers era. I got my modem on the third day after I placed the order. I was so looking forward to the tech to get me going last Friday. I took a day off and were home waiting until 4:30pm. A tech called me telling me they were overloaded, they will have to change my date to the another day. I was a bit upset because I took a day off for that. At the meantime, a tech rang my bell and I was surprised that they have another tech just at my neighborhood. He came in and put a POTS splitter in my basement. He told me the Bell order had me on 12 mbs. I told him that I was on a 16 mbs plan. He told me he will talked to Bell to have me changed. About an hour later, he called back and ask me to check Speedtest. I got a 13.5 and he told me that is the best they can do. I am not happy but I accepted it. However, when I test the link with my laptop, I constantly getting link drop. I tried to contact TSI over the weekend, Mon, Tuesday without success. I was constantly put on the musical hold for hours. Then I discover this dslreports site which I can open a ticket to TSI. I gave that a try and was contact by the tech within 12 hours. Not bad considered I have been trying to contact the tech support over 4 days. At the meantime, my connection continue get its up and down. Even when it was up, I was getting about 2-4 mbs. The tech suggested me to move to the demarcation point, change my phone cord and even ask me to get another modem. I was not convinced that why and how do I get another modem? They gave me the ridiculous suggestion to borrow my friend's modem for test. Honestly, is that a viable solution to try to troubleshoot? How could I ask my friend to be out of internet for a few hours so that I can test if my line is good. Then I bite the bullet and bought a new modem from the store ($25) way cheaper price than the $75 dollar I paid for TSI. I told myself TSI is a business, they had to make some money and they will have to backup the product they sold. Well, I was half right. I was told then I may need to pay for 87 +HST in order to have Bell to look at the line, if they find no problem. I asked the tech what did they see from my line stats and what was the result mean. I didn't really get any real answer if the line is bad. So this is my one week since I been activated and I still doesn't have a reliable connection. Luckily my Rogers line still available so I wouldn't dead in the water. At the mean time, I am still asked to express my consent that I may be charged for the bell service.

I got a new modem, move that to demarcation point, change the phone cord. The link still dropping every few hours. Does that enough to prove the line is bad?

My experience to this really make me re-consider to sing-up with reseller. The installation part is lousy. Everything was just rush rush and no real test was being done. That leave the big mess to the user to deal with TSI and Bell. The tech support (or lack of) are totally unhelpful. First they expect every user is an electronic engineer. The information they provided was beyond any ordinary user can understand. The tests that they wanted me to go through, it can't be done by anyone without computer knowledge. I can't imagine how the elderly or non-technical user can deal with all the demand you guys are asking us as a usre to do. If this is the expectation, please include this as a pre-requisite when we sign up.

At the moment, I just like to have a stable connection. Speed is already second priority to me. Why wouldn't the tech onsite be able to tell me anything about that, instead, I had to go through this painful route? My take to this is even the plan is more attractive in a way, there are much more hidden cost and intangible that a reseller can compete with the big guys. I would not recommend TSI based on my personal experience

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