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Review by Natalie See Profile

  • Location: Toronto,ON
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I have been with TekSavvy for over two years and have been very pleased. Their tech support is excellent.

However, I noticed yesterday, when a ran a speed test due to slowness, that my download time dropped from its traditional 4.55 (for the past two years) to 2.58MBps. I pay $34.99 for the DSL 6 (6MB/800kb and 300GB).

I called TekSavvy. The tech support fellow told me to change the cable going into the jack, then try plugging into a different jack, etc. At his instruction, I wasted about 40 minutes with no difference in the download speed.

I called back. A different tech support guy looked at my profile and told me I have been moved by Bell to a remote from the central office. He told me Bell just had downgraded my profile from 5 to an almost 6 to a 2.5mb download speed and, it's not fair he says, but there is nothing I can do about it and nothing they can do about it..unless I wanted a slow ticket put through to Bell which would likely result in my incurring an $87.70 diagnostic maintenance charge. I responded that...of course I didn't want to incur a charge when I pay for, and have been getting, almost twice the current download speed and have arbitrarily been downgraded by Bell yet am still paying the same fee to Teksavvy (actually, increased earlier this year). I asked if I could speak with a manager.

I finally was able to speak with Tyler who was really helpful and I give him full marks for customer support. He explained the situation to me in full. However, my options appear to be: (a) upgrade to the High Speed DSL 12 with only a guarantee of about 10mb and incur a $25 fee for the speed move; (b) go through with the slow ticket to Bell and incur the $87.70 charge; or (c) live with it.

Firstly - the initial tech guy was useless as he should have realized the profile change and not instructed me to experiment with cables and different jacks - he was very poor. Tyler was the opposite and really helpful.

Secondly - the ridiculousness of the situation is clear and I'm not blaming Teksavvy but can nothing be done for customers like me who are paying for a service we are now, suddenly, not receiving? I realize it's an "up to" service; however, a downgrade in the service (to this extent) should definitely result in some sort of assistance to the Teksavvy customer and not simply an option to move and incur a $25 fee or have the matter investigated and incur a $87.70 Bell fee.

Teksavvy - can nothing be done for me and other customers who are experiencing this?

I hope to hear from somebody at Teksavvy and thank you.

(Update): Since posting in the TekSavvy Direct forum I have been assisted by two TekSavvy employees.. you just can't beat their customer service.

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Grimsby, ON
·TekSavvy DSL

My Experience

Natalie, I fear this is becoming more and more common by this overpriced Blue Monster.

They have absolutely no scruples turfing a wholesale client off a remote in favour of one of their own customers, then have someone like us go through hoops and needless extortion (expense) to maybe correct something they did in the first place.

My only other choice here is CogeBlo, and that's not a viable option. Would be the ideal setting to tell both CogeBlo and Bhell to take a very long walk off a very short plank.

CogeBlo considers customers as "undesirable", and the only good thing about them is their money. Their CEO came out & said so a week or 2 ago. Bhell has no concept as to how to treat a customer (other than with contempt), either.

I really do feel for workers at the indie ISP's. They get it from both their supplier Bhell) and the clients (us) when problems arise.