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Review by machstem See Profile

  • Location: Ridgetown,ON
  • Cost: $60 per month
  • Install: about 14 days
  • Telco party Bell Canada
Good "when it works, it just works"
Bad "when it doesn't work, it's like pulling teeth to get help"
Overall "if you're looking for great customer support, this isn't the place"
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EDIT: This is being edited on October 12th, 2012.
We're now several months from the original thread that I started, and although Martin and a couple other TekSavvy techs have been helpful in giving me insights on the issue, it would seem that my only consistent answer has been; "It 'should' be fixed in 2012"

I'm unfortunate enough to belong to the 'Sarnia fiber line' that somehow is the cause for all this, and basically I am left without any sort of functional Internet every night since April-May.

Some people ask me why I won't go through someone else, and the answer is quite simple actually: because I don't want to get gouged by Bell (as I was previously a customer) or with Cogeco for the same reasons. 80$/month for great speeds with a cap that I can't commit to keeping. What's the point?

Anyway, if anyone who reads this is looking to run with TekSavvy, I would like to point out that TekSavvy is unable to address this issue, and you as a new customer may automatically fall into this 'slow speed pattern', to which the reply is, "it will be fixed in 2012"

I'll come back and repost on this thread if it changes between now and the New Year, but I'm hesitant to be optimistic.


The following is the original thread/review:


I moved from having Bell DSL to TekSavvy approximately 1yr ago.

Things were going well until about 3months ago, not too long after the long awaited decision by the big 3 to offer 'packages' to independent ISPs.

My pings went from being mostly stable at about 12-35ms to with the occasional dropped packet every 5-10mins, to an average of 500-600ms pings on a good day. Nighttimes are awful; I've had a constant feed of pings ranging between 1500-2000ms.

It took a lot of work to get TekSavvy support to finally open up a larger ticket regarding my issues and stop pestering me with email replies that asked for constant ping results. We determined after 6 weeks of MY troubleshooting that my DSL line had been trunked through Bell into a less than adequate Internet service. 6 weeks later (i.e. as of today) and I'm still no better off than I was.

After the 10th week, I received an email stating that my problem had been officially fixed and to communicate with TekSavvy if said problem occurred again. I came home that night and 2 weeks since then, have yet to receive a reply other than; "Can you please attempt pings and send us the results during those times" twice since then.

I'm working at getting myself a Cogeco account, not because I WANT to, but because I am paying for a service that I can't use. I know some of the higher ranking tech support and customer support persons in TekSavvy, and therefore was able to gain a little more insight into my problems, but I had to email them directly since I wasn't getting anywhere.

I received no incentives until this email, no refunds, nothing. I was basically told to suck it up.

So, with that, I'm waiting until tomorrow afternoon/night before making my call to Cogeco, as this small region/town of mine has HD and high speed availability (i.e. fiber runs into our town). I'm going to try and negotiate higher bandwidth caps, so here's hoping!

If someone in a higher position at TekSavvy reads this, please make an effort to resolve my issues or get me trunked onto a functional segment that is suitable for playing games online, and, oh, I dunno, the ability to send email and check the weather in the morning. I'm copy/pasting this in case it times out as it seems to do quite often.

So, be weary if you're technically able in IT and expect teksavvy (no pun intended) technical support. You might be spinning in your chair pulling at your hair hoping that you won't reach through the phone to talk with someone who can actually help you.


p.s. again, service worked great for about 9months; then BAM, done. Also, Internet through their modems drops connection when trying to 'search' for servers through STEAM game engine.

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same garbage here

I have been having the same issue as yourself daily for a LONG time. Ridiculously high pings, garbage download speeds and literally almost no upload speeds, ESPECIALLY at night. My problem still isnt fixed but my fingers are crossed that it will eventually. Cable unfortunately is not available in my area (Wheatley) so I am stuck with what I have. I too also use steam for TF2 and in order to play anything I tether my cell phone to my PC or else I cant play at all. Has your problem been resolved as of yet?