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Review by JeanInNepean See Profile

  • Location: Nepean,ON
  • Cost: $34 per month
Good "Painless transfer of service from previous DSL provider to TekSavvy"
Bad "Wait times for customer support can be long, especially in the evening"
Overall "So far so good"
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I was a happy customer of IGS ever since I moved to Ottawa, back in 1995. That was until last April, when my account was resold to Distributel. From that point on, everything went wrong. Aside from the increase of 6$/month for the same service, the accounting mistakes and the fact that my static IP address was changed to a dynamic one, worst of all, the same reliable DSL connection that I had been using for over a decade was no longer reliable. I was losing sync several times every day. Sometimes requiring that I power cycle the modem. Not good, especially since my main phone line is VoIP.

So at the en of July, I called Distributel to cancel my service. They told me my payment had already been processed for the month (I called 2 or 3 days before the next billing cycle) and they would NOT issue a refund... I said fine. I asked to be disconnected on August 31.

The change over to TekSavvy was painless. My new modem came in by mail 2 weeks before August 31. I switch my PPP settings over a few days earlier than the August 31 and my TekSavvy account was already up and running. I contacted tech support a few times to get my static IP address setup. No major problem that far.

I am somewhat disappointed that I cannot get better than 3mbps with my DSL service. But with the 40+ years POTS line I have in the backyard, I guess I'm lucky I have DSL at all in this neighbourhood. There's a strong mains hum on my landline, ROC is at 97% down and my service is maxed out at 3008/800. I've contacted TekSavvy a few times to try to get this resolved, but all they could do is improve reliability.

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TSI Danielle

You review

Thank you for your review. I'm glad you're happy with us so far.

Hopefully with fibre being laid in more areas we'll be able to get you to something more than the 3m connection you have now.

Old Martin

No longer on 3M

Looks like the attachment you posted shows you on a 15/1M connection.


Toronto , ON

Re: Review

If you have a 'HUM" on the line i'd call and complain about that . Sounds like a ground issue . It does look like your on a 15 / 1 profile , however your line may be causing an issue here ...

Nepean, ON
·TekSavvy TekTalk
·Primus Talkbroad..

Profile got upgraded to 15M last week

Well, I'm not sure where the rest of my message went... I re-reviewed my review of TekSavvy's DSL service last week, but I think all the text I wrote is gone! The attachment stayed...

Last Friday, my service was upgraded to 15M/1. Transition went very smoothly, my modem was out a couple of times for 30 seconds or so. Total downtime was perhaps 5 minutes...

I'm a still very happy customer

I'm going to get rid of the land line and only keep my VoIP service, so I don't care so much for the hum on the line anymore...


Toronto , ON

Re: Profile got upgraded to 15M last week

said by JeanInNepean:

I'm going to get rid of the land line and only keep my VoIP service, so I don't care so much for the hum on the line anymore...

You know if you get rid of the land line (pots) you'll have to obtain a dry loop , check the band rate for prices