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  • Location: undisclosed location
  • Cost: $44 per month
Bad "Disorganized with Zero Technical Support. You are your own tech Support"
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Important Facts about Tek Savvy (I was told this by multiple TekSavvy Reps)
- They get all their modems from Bell.
- Bell does diagnostic services and repairs on all modems used by TekSavvy
- Teksavvy does not have any service technicians, they use Bell.

I signed up for Teksavvy in January to try and avoid being linked to monopolies like Bell or Rogers, which typically force their customers into buying expensive plans to keep minimal benefits. As a company, Teksavvy has been marketed as the independent company that offered reasonable pricing and quality customer service. Let me start out by saying, they have the worst technical support I have ever experienced. A few of their representatives even refused to continue talking about a particular issue ( I never once raised my voice, used foul language or insulted them, just asked them direct questions)

The Main Problems

The first problem occurred when my Internet was cut off expectantly and without warning because their billing system failed to accept the payments I had made online. Their explanation was that the system had been having problems accepting and logging payments from customers. But the worst part about that small blip was that they never emailed or contacted me to tell me they would shutting off the service. This should have been a warning sign to me, but I gave them the benefit of the doubt.

The second problem occurred when I came back from New York and again, my Internet was cut off. I called and they said said that there were two options:

1. They would send a bell tech support person to test my phone line to see if the line was working or not. The caveat about this option is that if there was no problem with the Bell line, I would be charged $70-80 for wasting the Bell tech's time.

2. The second option the tech support advised was to find a way to test my modem and see whether it was faulty and to send it back for a free replacement if it was broken(was still under warranty). They did inform me that if the modem sent back was not faulty, I would be charged a $25 restocking fee. The first suggestion I got was to find a friend/family member that has DSL and test the modem to see whether it worked. The second suggestion was to drive to Futureshop, buy a modem, test it and then return it to futureshop. WOW. I'm sure Futureshop's head office would cringe at that second suggestion. This was warning sign #2.

What I did
I decided to go with the more ethical solution and find someone with DSL to test the modem. So I went to a family members house, had the Teksavvy tech walk me through the diagnostic procedure to determine that the modem was faulty....The tech assured me that short of being there to test it, she was almost positive that the modem was faulty.

The Conclusion
Two weeks later, I received a charge of $25 on my bill and a note that read "Modem fully operational, additional $25 fee". I called tech support again and the woman on the line said she was unsure how the testing occurred and therefore was unable to tell me how they were able to get the modem working, while we were unable to do it prior. I was pretty frustrated and asked "how ethical it was for a business to place all the responsibility of a failed service on their client?". She dismissed my concern and instead stated that I had agreed to absorb a $25 cost if the modem proved to be functional. While some may say, "its only $25", you have to look at the larger picture. A company that values its customers will always try to avoid passing on ridiculous charges because they see the bigger picture: YOUR CUSTOMERS DETERMINE THE SUCCESS YOU HAVE IN BUSINESS.


- Avoid Teksavvy completely. Even Rogers and Bell have better support systems for their clients. They may be monopolies, but their business model is more centered around customer service, than Teksavvy

- Teksavvy does not have technicians to help you trouble shoot issues. You will have to do all diagnostic and fixing yourself. And guess what? if it magically ends up working when it gets back to Tek Savvy, YOU GET CHARGED.

- There are good and Bad Tech Reps at TekSavvy (like any company), but three of the four I talked had weren't interested in solvingthe problem. They kept trying to get me to agree to a Bell Service technician coming to my house, which would have cost $70-80 (because the line was still functional).

- FIND AN INTERNET COMPANY THAT VALUES THEIR CUSTOMERS. Don't bother using a company that steps on the back of their customers to save a dime.

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TSI David
TSI David
Chatham, ON

Account Issues


Its very unfortunate you have experienced these types of issues. If possible can you PM me your account information so we can investigate what is going on with your specific account?



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Open the Canadian Market NOW

East York, ON
·Rogers Hi-Speed

You don't get how Wholesale works.

All wholesale companies run this way... If your getting dsl, your local phone company is always involved, as is your local cable company for cable services.

Under your mentality, there is no choice.. It's Bell or Rogers..

Doesn't sound like a choice to me..

Sadly due to how our lovely government/CRTC set up the system, there is trouble.. If you have issues, you have to understand it may take time to get things fixed. Bell has been playing hard ball ever since TEKSAVVY and the rest stood up to them over UBB etc. They can't bring in their own techs to work on Bell's network.. Bell would never allow it.

I would recommend you have your issue escalated or go back to Bell or Rogers and pay extra for the hand holding approaches.

London, ON

Re: You don't get how Wholesale works.

I've seen a few Execulink trucks out in the wild here in London. But I think that's because in some of the smaller towns, they are their own phone company.

@koreyb The main issue I had was with tech support and the lack of accountability when modem issues occurred. I'd rather not support the big corporations (due to the issues you mentioned above), but I also am not in favour of covering the costs for a modem that is still under warranty.


David contacted me and made it his priority to resolve the issue, which I really appreciate. So Thanks David! Now, I'm waiting to see if the discussed changes show up the next billing cycle.

·TekSavvy DSL

Not typical

I was on and off with Teksavvy for the past few years, as well as some friends, and all the described was a "human" company. They don't waste time trying to upsell you or bullshitting you about their supposedly stellar internal tools.

When they work, they don't brag about it, they just use them.
When they fail, they tell you right away, apologize, and offer a solution, not empty promises.