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Review by TorontoSM See Profile

  • Location: undisclosed location
  • Cost: $40 per month
Good "None"
Bad "Everything - Pathetic service"
Overall "17 days and $100 later, I'm still waiting for my phone to work"
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I tried signing up for phone service with Teksavvy and it has been a
nightmare so far. I signed up over the phone and was given a specific
installation date and time window (9-5). I stayed at home that day for
installation, but no one showed up. I called Teksavvy and was told that I
had to wait for a confirmation Email and the date that was given to me was
just an estimate.

I waited another five days and never got an email, so I called Teksavvy
again and was told that my phone had already been connected several days
ago. I asked which jack was "live" and the guy told me to go around the
house and try all of them until I found the right one! Anyway, despite my
anger, I did that and yet couldn't find any with a dial tone.

I called Teksavvy back and was informed that it is not their problem, as
they only connect the line to outside the house, and after that, it is my
responsibility. They then said that they would charge me $90 for a
technician to come out and see what was wrong. I asked for a refund for
the phone service I am not receiving, and that was refused. So, I'm stuck
paying for a service that hasn't worked and I've wasted over 2 weeks in the

While the Internet may work well, avoid these scam artists for phone
service. Their customer service is worse than Bell's!

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TSI Pierre
Baby, Wanna see what 300Gigs looks like?
Chatham, ON

I'm sorry you feel this way..

I can assure you we are not scam artist and if anyone wants to see what happened and how much we were trying to help out please check out this thread...

»Beware of Teksavvy Phone Service
TSI Pierre - TekSavvy Solutions Inc.
Chief Operating Officer

Chatham, ON

"17 days and $100 later, I'm still waiting for my phone to

see post above