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Review by crazypants See Profile

  • Location: North York,ON
  • Cost: $69 per month
  • Telco party Bell Canada
Good "Speeds are fine during off-peak."
Bad "Insisting evening DSL speeds problems are not their fault."
Overall "One of a few that offer DSL 25/7. But, there are peak time issues."
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I was first on TSI cable internet over a year ago. The York Mills POI was always congested and speeds were terrible during the peak hours in the evening. The incumbent Rogers was to blame for the slow up upgrades of several POIs in Toronto. I left TSI cable and took advantage of Bell Grab and go for 4 months free of 25/7 75GB..

August 2011 I switched to DSL 12/1 with TSI after Bell promo was over. Speeds were always consistent. However the overhead was not considered and my speed was actually 10/1. Later, I took advantage of the March 2012 free upgrade and went to 25/7 300GB for $52.95. I received a Cellpipe 7130 modem and had to pay $8 monthly rent (Total $69). It was pretty consistent until April and then the peak hours were horrible. Went down to as low as 6/6. After 11pm it returned to normal. I reported in Direct Forum and TSI insisted it had to be my line or home. Until others were reporting the same thing in open forum. Periodically, I would message in the Direct Forum and they said everything was ok on their end. This is my only beef with TSI because when I used another login the speeds were perfect. Then the firmware was upgraded by Bell for the modem which was a non issue for me. I didn't have the rebooting issue like others had.

I was out of the country for August and returned in September. The TSI speeds continue as before after Labour Day. I could not watch live streams without buffering. I posted in the direct forum and this time I was told to reboot my modem until the speeds went up. Apparently, they were reaching capacity at several remotes and the rebooting would take you to another. Still, in October I am not getting full 25DL and revert to the other login for the evening. I would expect that after 4-5 months they would have had Bell fix the issues. I pay $69 a month which is not peanuts. I would expect resolution by this time. If it continues like this I may try Start Communications cable. I think TSI just got to big to really deal with their issues and maybe its time to try someone else. . I've read good reviews about Start.

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TSI Martin
Chatham, ON

Sent you a PM


I've sent a PM with some information for you.

TSI Pierre
Baby, Wanna see what 300Gigs looks like?
Chatham, ON

Let me know...

If your issues are still ongoing once Martin has troubleshooted with you.

Thank you!
TSI Pierre - TekSavvy Solutions Inc.
VP Operations

Toronto, ON
·TekSavvy DSL
·TekSavvy Cable

Re: Let me know...

Pierre, for what it's worth I have had similar however not as drastic issues with my 25meg VDSL service as well...

My peak hour speeds hover around 10-15mbps on single threaded transfers, and there is some packetloss at times as well...

This has gone on since March basically, I have had discussions with TSI staff in the past, but there's not much that can be done since it appears that it's the Bell remote that's under capacity with only 1gig port feeding it (it supports 2gigs). A Bell tech told me this after looking my number up, TSI was never able to get a straight answer...

I havent looked into this for a while, just put up with it really...


North York, ON

PM sent

PM sent with info as requested.

North York, ON

Still waiting

Pierre, still waiting for answers.

As it stands now, my review remains the same.