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Review by motionblur0 See Profile

  • Location: Toronto,ON
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "friendly customer support, solid service once installed"
Bad "customer service has become incompetent"
Overall "great dsl, friendly but incompetent customer service"
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TL;DR: TekSavvy has great, stable DSL once it's installed and their customer service is incredibly pleasant. However, their customer service has become incompetent.

Long story short, getting my service switched to my new apartment required 5 support calls due to CSRs entering incorrect or incomplete details of my new place and telling me an incorrect date for the service appointment.

One extra call is almost forgivable. Five is unquestionably terrible support. They incorrectly updated my new address information three times and told me the incorrect day for the service appointment.

One of the primary reasons I left Bell 6 years ago was due to their terrible customer support. Unfortunately, TekSavvy is now on par with Bell in that category. The only silver lining is that all 5 of the TekSavvy CSRs I've spoken to have been incredibly pleasant.

One of the issues seemed to be they had to update multiple systems with my information (and one couldn't register the "A" in my apartment number). Having worked as a programmer for an insurance company, I know consolidating customer information can be a real hassle. If this is the root of the issue here, hopefully TekSavvy can figure out a better system to manage customer details.

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Really sorry to hear about this, could you PM me with your account info? I just want to make sure this doesn't happen again.