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Review by PPTHOMAS See Profile

  • Location: Dollard-Des-Ormeaux,QC
  • Cost: $55 per month
Good "WAS Good prior to Sept 2012"
Bad "Won't recommend"
Overall "I can't even reach tech support due to wait times and can't reach anyone to cancel"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
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I am a tecksavvy customer and a great promoter when they came into the market. Was so impressed so took connection for my condo and home. Also recommended to all my friends in Quebec and Ontario..

Had a smooth run for the past few years, Also when i signed up back in 2010 the speed was max 5mps and i was able to get 4.35mbs. Now they offer 6mbs and i never seen more than 4.3mbs.

Recently my connection start dropping and slow. (Seems like they are going thru congestion or hitting the limit or so, but I don't think they figured that out yet).

So after giving few weeks hoping it will be fixed, I tried calling the tech support expecting the response i received in 2010 (ie fast response)...OOops I couldn't believe myself after holding the phone for 12 mins with no answer....So after few tries, able to get in touch with a rep, he concluded its noise on my upload. but he doesn't have a solution.

So I switched the modem and connected directly to the demarking point, nothing changed, same story so after 4 tries(each 30mins ) I was able to talk to a rep, and she concluded if I WANT TO FIX then they will let Bell to check it and if Bell says its my connection problem then i have to pay 87 +tax...so i am in a situation where if i want to solve i have to risk 87 dollars or go with another provider which will cost me less than that..OR SHUT UP AND SUFFER WITH THE CONNECTION ISSUE. and I asked the rep, What if Bell realises the problem adn decided to blame it on me... (How can u prove that its not Bells false other than BEll says that ) NO ANS

But i been trying to reach customer service to cancel or check my speed, but no luck and I don't have the patience to wait for more than 15mins onthe phone..

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TSI Martin
Chatham, ON


If you could please send me a PM [TSI Martin]so I can take a look at your situation.

You may not have anything wrong. But in certain occasions things stop working like they used to. Many things could be at play & so we always attempt to double check things with you.

If you could include contact information in the PM & I'll look things over & get in touch with you.

TSI Martin (Escalations / Social Media) - TekSavvy Solutions Inc.
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London, ON


I guess I'm luckier than you. At least I got through to cancel, but the rep hung up on me when I said I want to cancel the DSL service.