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Review by PDF9 See Profile

  • Location: undisclosed location
  • Cost: $62 per month
Good "Plans and pricing are enticing, helpful sales staff"
Bad "Installation rescheduling without notice, no real customer service - just customer management"
Overall "Terrible service after they get your money"
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I decided to move to Teksavvy DSL from Primus because of the vastly superior speeds Teksavvy could provide. I decided on the DSL 25 package (i.e. the most expensive), and spoke to representatives about starting the service. The first was very helpful in explaining the plans and the procedure in switching providers. To switch, I was informed, Primus' service would need to be cancelled before Teksavvy could come and install. Fair enough. Additionally, there is a 5-day minimum time between requesting installation and the actual installation. Reasonable. Knowing this, I spoke to Primus and arranged a cancellation date 5 days later. The second Teksavvy rep was equally helpful, and the installation was set for between 12 P.M. and 9 P.M. on the 14th (a time period during which someone must be home). I paid by credit card, no surprises with the amount, and everything seemed well.

Then things go off the rails. On the 12th we receive an email informing us to contact Teksavvy about the installation. We do so that evening, and are unapologetically informed that the Bell install technicians couldn't find our line in their database and that we needed to get the circuit number from Primus. We do so, and are informed by Teksavvy that the installation will now be on the 17th. When we protested, the rep informed us that the date was tentative in the first place (there was never any mention of this previously). This change messed up my plans, so I said "I'll think about it", and hung up to consider my options.

The situation is thus:

- I specifically asked the Teksavvy sales rep if anything beyond cancellation was required from Primus, she said "No".

- In order to maintain continuous service, I must contact Primus to change the cancellation date (but the new Teksavvy install date is only tentative anyway!)

- The entire call the reps acted as though this was beyond their control and my fault that the info was not provided, despite the fact that I would have, and indeed could have, provided the circuit number beforehand if it had been requested.

A little later, I contacted Teksavvy again to make my decision. I went through the situation with the new rep, who assumed the same aloof attitude and could not/would not do anything to help me. Unwilling to spend more time playing phone tag with two ISPs over installation and cancellation dates, I said that I would like a refund. No problem there, he said I would be receiving a full refund. Unfortunately this is not the end of the madness.

The rep then informs me that refunds are only issued by cheque, and that it will be sent either this Friday or next, depending on how busy the accounting department is. I paid by credit card. Credit card refunds are simple, instant affairs and I have never, never, heard tell of any business that refunds credit card purchases in such a manner. Furthermore, it would be issued at their pleasure!

There is nothing about this refund-by-cheque-only policy listed in their terms of service, and I will be speaking to Teksavvy's accounting department to try and sort out this mess. I will also be in touch with the Ministry of Consumer Services, Customer Protection Branch to discuss and possibly file a complaint regarding this matter. Finally, depending on the outcome of both conversations, I may be in contact with my credit card company to dispute the charges.

If you are looking to enjoy Teksavvy's service, beware! I used to be a huge fan of their company because of reasonable pricing and their awesome stance on user protection, but this debacle was too much. I don't know where to go for comparable speeds and data caps, but a company who treats their newest customers in such a way is not going to get my business.

UPDATE: After speaking with accounting, they notified me that there are currently technical issues with credit card refunds, and that the cheques are a temporary measure to ensure that people get their refunds. My refund has already been sent. Why wasn't this told to me when I first questioned it? They're clearly working hard to make sure that everything goes smoothly. It seems like my whole bad experience hinged on the poor information and unhelpful conduct that I encountered when dealing with the reps. They managed to turn an inconvenience into a dealbreaker.

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London, ON
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You were with Primus...

You have to remember that Teksavvy is 2nd tier ISP.

They have access to their accounts and their accounts only, but only vicariously physically, if you get what I mean.

Teksavvy only knows as much as Bell tells them, if Bell tells them they need information, they can't contact primus for info on your account, they must get the info from you. As for refunding you the money, you have no standing, they are refunding you.

Apparently, you are not as tech savvy as you think you are.


Re: You were with Primus...

I don't deal with Bell; Bell is Teksavvy's wholesaler and their relationship shouldn't be anything to do with me as a customer. I specifically asked Teksavvy if any information was required from Primus, and their response was that perhaps the only thing needed was a reference number in case the line had not been vacated. Obviously Teksavvy could not have contacted Primus, but they could have requested pertinent information from me beforehand (a circuit number sounds like a pretty good thing to routinely request and include when dealing with Bell lines, rather than just assuming Bell would have all the info on hand). Now if this was a truly unusual case, which is possible, that would have been fine. Such things happen, and I would have been OK with a sincere apology, explanation, and rescheduling. It's the handling I'm annoyed about. You should be able to gather that, if I'm posting here, I realize how terrible Bell techs are. That's why I wanted to deal with Teksavvy, not Bell. I expected to have Teksavvy working with me to get around the obstacles Bell put in place, rather than just acting as a unhelpful proxy.

Interestingly, Primus is also a 2nd tier ISP reselling Bell services. We didn't have any problems with that installation. I wonder what the difference was?

Then the refund. This really got me, and I don't see what you mean by having no standing (unless you're thinking I'm planning a lawsuit - that's absurd). Such procedures are often designed to make the refund process more arduous, and therein lies the problem - it isn't that I'm worried I won't get the money back. The reason I'm seeking advice on this practice is because it can be used to deter people from asking for refunds. It's a complicated issue, and that's why I'm asking around before pointing fingers. I simply want to receive the refund via the same method with which I paid (something I thought was mandatory). I don't want to walk into that argument without understanding the landscape I'm talking about.

All in all, the tone of your comment is exactly the attitude that I got from Teksavvy. I would've liked a 'We're very sorry this happened, but we're doing everything we can to help' rather than a 'nuts to you, it's out of our hands'. That would have made all the difference. I have a good idea of the hoops that Bell throws Teksavvy through, and I didn't expect a miracle. But I did expect more from Teksavvy.

TSI Martin
Chatham, ON

Re: You were with Primus...

Hi PDF9 See Profile

At this time, we are doing upgrades to our app which puts the refund application out of service. We anticipate it coming back up soon but rather than hold back refunds, we are providing them by cheque.

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bronx cheers from cheap seats
Mississauga, ON
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said by BenVanDorp:

Apparently, you are not as tech savvy as you think you are.

did you even read his review?