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Review by trinity12 See Profile

  • Location: Toronto,ON
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Bad "connection drops, horrible coordination"
Overall "looking for new isp"
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I have been with TekSavvy for some time now, at first on DSL 6. I was experiencing horrible connection and constant connection drops..(or lag), so we decided to switch to DSL 15 to see if that would make a difference in speeds.

I tried to upgrade through the portal available on the site and found out that it said there was some issue so I called in to make the upgrade. The lady that picked up the call seemed a bit skeptical at the fact that I was unable to do it online, even though I told her I've tried multiple times. She then processed my order and informed me that a technician will be coming in Feb 15.

Couple days before the date, I received an email with information regarding my NEW TekSavvy account with a new username and password, which I was informed I could keep my old account because I was merely doing an upgrade. I called in and was told to disregard the email after explaining the situation because my upgrade was put in as a new order, instead of an upgrade.

The technicians show up on Feb 15 and end up leaving saying that they could not figure out what was going on with the wiring. I call in later on during the day and was told that my service was completed and when I explained that I was still receiving the same speeds, they told me it would be up after midnight. After midnight, same speeds, called in again, was informed that the technicians will need to come in once again. The technicians were rebooked for Feb 22 and I called to confirm that they would be coming on that day and was told they would be because they have been scheduled.

Feb 22, technicians are a no show between the said time of 12-9, called in once again, and was told that the appointment was on confirmed on the Bell end...despite the fact I called to confirm the fact previously. When asked why I was not informed of this, no straight answer, just circular reasoning. The appointment was rebooked for Feb 25 and I was told that I would receive a call confirming the appointment and not a word. I called in on Feb 24 and the person on the phone called Bell and said that there are techs scheduled for the next day.

Feb show once again after waiting from 12-9. Called in yet again to be informed that they do not know why the technicians did not show up but I will receive a call back when they find out. The person tried to schedule another appointment for the techs to be dispatched but after the previous two dates of having to book off work to accommodate a bunch of no shows, I refused.

I am waiting to hear back on what is going on but in the mean time I am looking for other ISPs, since my patience is beginning to run out with this one. Definitely regret recommending TekSavvy to friends and colleagues.

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Crestline, CA

Seems like

A Bell issue and not TekSavvy. If it's their techs not showing then TekSavvy can't control that as far as I know.

TSI Andre
Got TekSavvy?
Chatham, ON


It sounds too me that there is a little more to this, than that... I would love to take a deeper look into this for you to get this resolved.

Could you please PM me your account details so we can look into this further?


TSI Andre
Director of Service Delivery

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