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Review by Calmuser See Profile

  • Location: Canada
  • Cost: $67 per month
  • Install: about 20 days
  • Telco party Bell Canada
Good "Good Connection"
Bad "High Install fees"
Overall "Good Value ISP with Good Support!"
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A small update, since using TSI for a couple months now.

Very happy with the service, been just as reliable as Bell was. And the recent price drop is just icing!

Great service here!


signed up at the end January, once Bell jacked up all my prices due to my promo being over.

I called up TSI the same day, and spoke to a helpful service rep who signed me up.

Got an install date to coordinate with my disconnection date from Bell.

I started using the TSI login in February to not give Bell any ammo to keep billing me over my disconnection date!

There was a weird issue that no one could really explain. when using the TSI log-in when still signed up to Bell. It seemed all my downloads were throttled to a speed of 3MB of less (I signed up to the 15MB package) even though all speed tests showed my FULL speeds. No one could explain it really, as once I went back to using my Bell login, FULL SPEEDS! I was told to wait till I was fully transferred over before they could look and see. Which was reasonable as I wasn't fully transferred yet!

On Install day, I had 1 Tek show up, a bit late I might add. But I told him I was still online and already had POTS splitter. And he said he didn't need to do anything and left! My full transfer took to about 11:30 PM that night!

The issue after I got full installed a little over a week ago, seems to of resolved itself, so maybe Bell is throttling other logins or something!

Now a little on my TSI service, so far I've been pleased with the service, from my Bell connection my Sync rate seems to of stayed about to same to my Bell speeds, which is good!

EDIT: Looks like they finally lowered them to my 15MB plan, but i'm getting better upload speeds now!

» ··· 5034.png

The Ping rates on TSI seem to be about 5 - 10ms higher, its not too bad really!

Downloads are another story, it seems downloads on TSI seem to be hesitating a bit, I don't know another way to explain it. They start out slow, they slowly crawl up to close to what I'm supposed to be getting, This varies with servers as well, so it could always be a server issue, but I never experienced that on my Bell connection.

Streaming seems to be working well as well, the first Sunday I signed up I was streaming SuperHD Netflix on my PS3 smoothly on a Sunday night at 8PM!

This last Sunday, I was getting slower speeds and some packet loss though. Hopefully its not a standard problem on Sunday nights!

All in all, I am Happy SO FAR with my switch to TekSavvy!

I will update this review if that changes though

And a Shout out to TSI Jonathan for being extremely helpful in keeping me updated and answering questions!

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updated 1.9 years ago


TSI Danielle

re: your review

Thank you so much for your review. I'm glad you're happy with the service.

Yes, please update the review as you go along with us. If you have any problems that come up, don't hesitate to contact us on »TekSavvy Direct and we'll be able to help out.

TSI Danielle
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