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Review by romeom See Profile

  • Location: Belleville,ON
  • Cost: $34 per month
  • Install: about 365 days
Good "Customer support is world class"
Bad "Intercompany communications is always terrible, service still doesn't work correctly after a year."
Overall "Great prices with great customer/tech support services."
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I don't know where to begin but hopefully by some small miracle this info might get to the right people to get Bell to pay attention to a market where there are issues and FIX THEM.

So I was a Bell customer for most of my life and had 5/6meg DSL for many many years. Well it's now 2013 and still here in my city we still only have 5/6 megs.

I decide that I want to try and see if I can get more out of the connection so I have a tech come out and low and behold my line qualifies for 15 megs down and 1088 up but something is preventing these from being stable. Every night from 9 pm until after 2 am the connection drops randomly--at least once. Sometimes it loses full DSL sync, and sometimes the speed just drops to 0.0000001kbps (i.e. useless).

They have sent tech after tech and they just don't care to send someone during the time in which the issue occurs. They always come at like 3pm when there is no issue and they just pawn it off. So myself and all of my neighbors are stuck with these garbage-like speeds. LAY SOME FTTN's as we have NONE in the entire city.

This has been going on for almost a year now with TekSavvy and although everyone on the TekSavvy team has been amazing the problem still exists and no one wants to bother to fix it.

It's beyond frustrating. I've tried cable and it's worse because the congestion here from 4:30pm-11:30pm makes the connection useless at less then a meg. In which Cogeco doesn't even bother to admit there is a problem.

As a Canadian I'm disgusted at the internet speeds and choices that we have. We are nearly dead last on the list for industrial developed nations for speed and quality of service(physical quality).

Although this doesn't reflect on TekSavvy directly as the lines are leased/wholesale business, there should be better communication between the 3rd parties and the host of the network.

I would very much like better physical internet service.

I do love you though TekSavvy.

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Hi There!

Thanks for the feedback and taking the time to write this. I'm glad to see that you are happy for the most part with your service with us, although the ongoing issues on your physical connection would be understandably frustrating. Please feel free to message us anytime in the direct forum »TekSavvy Direct just so we can ensure absolutely everything that can be done is done for you.

Thanks again for all your kind words.

Have a great day!
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