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Review by beninTO See Profile

  • Location: Toronto,ON
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I first signed up with TekSavvy two years ago, before they were too busy to accept calls from customers; I thought I might as well save a few bucks switching from Rogers. The service was generally poor, but tolerable. E.g., I was verbally promised TekSavvy never raises it rates, but after a month of service and a modem later, they raised my rate a de minimis amount. I also lose service about once every other month for half a day, on top of TekSavvy's intentional suspension of service many evenings after midnight for "maintenance", but I digress..

I called TekSavvy on May 26 to have a change in services for my move on June 18th. After waiting for ~1 1/4hrs, I was told by a female representative that TekSavvy does not make appointments more than a couple weeks in advance, and that I should call them 4 days before my move. As instructed, I called them on June 14th - after waiting ~45 minutes - I was informed TekSavvy's earliest appointment was on June 21st, or 8 days after I called, not the TekSavvy instructed 4!

The service at TekSavvy is absolutely terrible, and I will probably go back to Rogers to save my time and major headache of dealing with highly incompetent and generally unavailable customer support. Also, I later found out the sales representative on May 26 blatantly lied to me to get me off the phone, so she could take "new customers", rather than support existing ones.

Unless you're already roped in or on a very tight budget, I advise sticking with the reliable big boys. Don't believe me? Try calling Rogers and TekSavvy and you will see ~1hr difference in wait times.

Update: After Marc, the CEO of TekSavvy had a supervisor call me, things started to look better. However, TekSavvy once again showed their true colors, charging me for an installation fee that was waived, and failing to address the issue in a timely manner. I strongly recommend new customers avoid at all costs.

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TSI Support1
TSI Support
Chatham, ON

Your review.

Hello BeninTO,

We apologize for any inconveniences and the poor experiences you had with TekSavvy, we can assure you that this is not our intentions. To touch on a few points and issues that you have raised above:

As for our rates, we regret the unfortunate timing. We don’t typically alter our rates unless we have new speeds available or if there is a new ruling out which in this case was the cause for the pricing change and package depending, the rates actually decreased for customers.

In regards to outages and service issues, we are always working on improving and we are in the process of rolling over to the aggregated service which we believe will lower congestion, lower the amount of issues, and increase resolution times in the event of an issue taking place.

Our wait times are a known issue and we have done all but taken this issue lightly, we have hired an abundance amount of staff which is approximately 60+ and plan to have a total of about 100 new employees in the TekSavvy family by the end of July to assist TekSavvy in all areas of the company starting with wait times, processing and in all other areas to put us 1 step closer to excellence.

We regret to hear that you are considering leaving TekSavvy and feel that once the service migrations are completed and the new staff on board the issues that you have mentioned will no longer be an issue and we can absolutely assure you that every customer, new, old, and anything in between are important to us and deserve proper assistance and service and we apologize if you feel we have fallen short of that.

We hope that your decision in the end is in favour as TekSavvy as it would be unfortunate to lose you as a member of the TekSavvy team and we hope that our improvements that are coming down the pipes will reinforce the fact that we are good in a different way.



Toronto, ON
·TekSavvy DSL

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Re: Your review.

Chris, I noticed you did not leave your contact information, nor did you offer to fix the problem or provide even a shred of actual customer support.

It seems as though you copied & pasted a generic list of nebulous and ambiguous promises, without offering to provide any tangible results, such as sending a TekSavvy technician for installation at the originally promised date. In fact, you did not even provide your contact information or offer to follow-up on the issue. Your response is what I have come to expect from TekSavvy : generic automated promises, but zero actual service. Feel free to prove me wrong; to make it even easier, my CID is 118666.

TSI Marc
Chatham, ON

Re: Your review.

Ok, the guys will get on that right away. Let's see what can be done. Hopefully it's not too late.
Marc - CEO/TekSavvy

Toronto, ON
·TekSavvy DSL

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Re: Your review.

Marc & Andre,

Thanks for the responses. Unfortunately, after a very nice phone call, my problems continue with TekSavvy. One week ago, I received a call from a TekSavvy supervisor. While I was intent on cancelling my service with TekSavvy, the supervisor enticed me to give TS a third chance by promising to waive the change in address fee, make an upgrade to my service that I didn't fully understand (but at no additional cost, I was happy to receive it), and - most importantly - to call right back after doing his best to get my originally promised installation date. I was skeptical but pleased at this time and accepted TekSavvy's offer.

Unfortunately, the supervisor never called me back, and by the time I tried to setup an appointment with a competitor for internet installation, they required more than 2 days notice. As such, I felt stuck with TekSavvy. To add insult to injury, I just received my invoice from TS and was erroneously charged the change in address fee that was promised to me to be waived. Lastly, while I am having difficulty with TS's website, it appears my service package was also not upgraded, as promised.

I then called TekSavvy to report the issue, but, as TS concedes, wait times are quite bad; I eventually gave up, as I had a prior engagement. I am hoping TS's promises which enticed me to give them another chance will be honored (minus the impossibility of calling me back and aiming to keep my original installation date). Besides being understaffed, it seems like at TekSavvy the left hand isn't talking to the right hand.

My CID is still 118666, and if TS reads this and chooses to address my situation, please do call me back and honor (or explicitly state that you will not honor) the promises made, which enticed me to enter into the agreement in the first place.

TSI Andre
Got TekSavvy?
Chatham, ON
Hi Ben,

Sorry to hear about your experience. I believe Chris was simply trying to shed light on the issue for you.

I have asked a supervisor to give you a call so we can get to the bottom of things for you.