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Review by gzfelix See Profile

  • Location: Mississauga,ON
  • Cost: $80 per month (month by month)
Good "Reliable and stable."
Bad "Avoid if you have a bad phone line from Bell."
Overall "Great upload speed and very reliable."
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·TekSavvy Cable
Teksavvy DSL served through Bell's copper wire in my area. Its upload connection is much faster than its cable service for those who require upstream speed for backups and cloud services. Since Teksavvy's DSL is served through Bell's phone line, the link's quality is really based upon the phone line's quality. My building is about 40 years old. Its wire has no major upgrade during the building's life time I believe. Teksavvy's DSL can well serve about 25Mbps downstream and 8Mbps upstream, which meets quite well with my original expectation.

Teksavvy's tech support deserves well admiration. I have several static addresses for the DSL service as I need to set up a small network to serve some traffic. I also needed to do load balance with the cable connection also from Teksavvy. Teksavvy's staff had been very helpful in the direct forum to identify some issues for me. They also responded quite quickly about the upstream speed and the old stale issue of Bell's VDSL concentrator.

The bottom line is, Teksavvy's service is extremely competent and I highly recommend Teksavvy for people who need more insight into their own Internet connection.

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TSI Ashleigh
Chatham, ON


Hello Gzfelix,

Thank you for the review. Great to hear you’re enjoying the DSL service at your home. It’s wonderful to see your receiving consistent speeds with your service. If you have any other questions or concerns or anything regarding your service please let us know in the Direct Forum »TekSavvy Direct. We are always happy to help.

Thank you once again for the fantastic review, and please keep us posted on your connection.

Thank you
TSI Ashleigh - E-Services.
Authorized TekSavvy Employee

Brampton, ON

Horrible Call center services and pathetic network

I got Tek Savvy Cable 6 connection for my new home... It was price competitive and a few friends in downtown Toronto seemed to have good connection. So I also got the internet connection.
What next? Almost every month I get some problem or the other.... and if I plan to get help from the call center department....it takes HOURS for them to respond.... My last attempt was yesterday. I started at 8 am and was able to reach to a call center agent at 1 pm.
I am thinking to request my own playlist to Tek Savvy... coz anyways I am listening to their songs for hours (when I am put into the never ending queue)

they have no respect for their service level agreements.. I complained on Thursday and I gave a time slot for Saturday, Monday and Tuesday. I was informed that I will receive an email and some one would come over to fix my internet. Till Saturday afternoon I did not receive any call/ email anything from them.
The call center agent seemed to be the owner of Tek Savvy and she seemed giving me a favour by talking to me. and without telling me she moved my time slots to Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.... and bluntly blamed Rogers infrastructure for my internet issue....

Really guys... DON'T GO FOR TekSavvy.... I am ready to pay more but have atleast some piece of mind.