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Review by Prevok See Profile

  • Location: Montreal,QC
  • Cost: $86 per month
Good "Price, package options and good consumer/tech service"
Bad "Few French agents available and geolocation on DSL always default to English Ontario pages"
Overall "Pretty good Internet supplier, but would not be able to recommend to people not fluent in English"
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I have been an happy Teksavvy VDSL 25/7 (then 25/10) client for about 2 years until I moved and tried another provider.

I initially moved from Videotron with which I experienced stability issues that lasted a couple of months. Tired of waiting for a resolution I changed technology and moved from Cable to VDSL. I choose Teksavvy, because of the pricing and their unlimited bandwidth packages. It's been rock solid the entire time I was subscribed and I never had an issue with consumer/technical service.

When Bell finally gave the ability to alternative provider to sell the VDSL modem, the provider I currently am with was one of the first to sell it. Combined with the fact the 25/10 package was a little cheaper and there were no dryloop fee, I decided to try them when I moved. There were moving fees staying with Teksavvy and installation fees when subscribing to another provider. It seemed as good time as any to try something else. Full disclosure thought, the package price difference is not a fair comparison. The package I had with Teksavvy was unlimited, while with my current provider it's 500GB.

I never had any issue with Teksavvy and would recommend it. There are 2 things that would prevent me from recommending it to non-technical French speaking persons: geolocation and the availability of French speaking staff. The geolocation always default websites to Ontario, in English. I found it annoying, but it could easily be a show stopper for a non-technical person that does not speak English, like, say: my mother. The same issue applies to consumer/technical support. The number of French agent is pretty low; although I have been told effort has been made to improve the situation, which is a nice welcome.

I had a long and constructive chat when I quit and that was quite refreshing compared to other companies I have been with. The person I spoke with really took the time to understand why I was quitting; the things I liked, the things I disliked, and that was much appreciated.

I just want to reiterate that I only quit Teksavvy because I found another option, adapted to my needs, that turned out to be a bit cheaper. Because I was moving and fees where involved whether I stayed with them or change provider. Have I not moved, I would have stayed with Teksavvy and I would go back with them if/when their packages make sense for my need again.

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TSI Ashleigh
Chatham, ON


Hello Prevok,

Thank you for the wonderful review! I’m very happy to read while you were with TekSavvy you thoroughly enjoyed the service and never had an issue with the services. This is fantastic!! I am sorry to see you have moved on to another company however am very happy to still took a moment to review your TekSavvy services. I’m also very happy to see the cancellations department you spoke to when cancelling was attentive and interested in you and why you were cancelling.
In regards to French speaking agents; we have many available for Technical support and also many available for Customer service. We also offer Spanish speaking agents as well. There certainly are more French agents then we had last year and we certainly are well prepared for any of our French speaking customers that may contact us.

Thank you again for this great review and hopefully we are able to offer you TekSavvy service again in the future.

Thank you
TSI Ashleigh - E-Services.
Authorized TekSavvy Employee