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Review by DSLrofl See Profile

  • Location: Vancouver,BC
  • Cost: $45 per month
  • Telco party Telus
Good "Good connection once it's actually activated"
Bad "The initial activation process"
Overall "Don't deal with the phone operators. You are better off dealing with them via the forum"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Value for money:
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Line Speed: "High Speed DSL - Up to 25Mpbs"

Local Time Zone: PST (To avoid a mess, all times gives are in PST, pls add 3 hours for EST if needed)


******Update #2: Oct 27/13******

Telus came on September 20th to hook up our internet. He was here a little after his window, but did at least call to let us know he was running behind. Once the tech was here, he made the connection fairly quickly. Once complete, he said it should work within 30 minutes; worked as soon as I booted the router. So far the connection has been good, with only 1 short ~30 minute outage. Speeds have been good & where they should be for my package on sites like speedtest.net (»www.speedtest.net/my-result/3061623759), and while actually downloading files.

I got my first invoice on the 15th of October; not totally sure why it was on the 15th, and not the 20th as that's when my connection was made. They did process the 2 week credit they had promised me correctly, as well as the credit for forgetting to send my filters.

Updated my ratings.



******Update #1: Sep 15/13******

On September 7th I posted my information in the Direct Forum as per the request of TSI Alan. 2 csr's apologized, and told me my account / situation was being looked at further. As it looked like I wasn't able to have anyone at home on the 20th for the install, we messaged back and forth exploring different times/dates. On Sep 10th I got lucky and found someone to be here for the install, so confirmed the 20th from my end. On Sep 11th a csr confirmed the appointment from Teksavvy's / their installers (Telus') side. I asked for a 2nd confirmation as I didn't want a small mistake again, like on Sep 3rd. On Sep 13th, a 2nd csr reconfirmed the appointment for me.

So, I'm now 5 days away from my confirmed appointment, and am hoping that I will see Telus here on that day.

I've bumped up my rating on the Install Co-ordination, but only by 1 / 25%, as I am waiting for the Telus tech to show up first before bumping it up any higher. Plus, the previous bad experience hasn't just disappeared, so am keeping it in mind as part of the rating. I'll update again a week or two after the install.



**Note: For when I update this later, this portion of the review was written on September 6th 2013**

Aug 20th: As I had some questions about the modem before I signed up, I decided to call Teksavvy rather than just signing up online. After talking with Tech Support for a few minutes, I asked to be transferred to the sales department. A customer service rep picked up the line; I said I was actually looking for sales. However, he said that even though he was off in a few minutes, he was still able to help me out. He proceeded to take down my address (which took 3 tries) and phone number. He put me on hold while he went to go check if I was even eligible for the service. Comes back from hold, and tells me that he is sorry, but I'm not eligible for DSL/that service. I was a little stunned, and wondered how that could be correct, but took his word for it and hung up.

Aug 21st: As I knew that Teksavvy just resells the bandwidth from Telus, I figured I would check on Telus' website to see if I was eligible for their 25Mbps DSL. Turns out I was. So, I figured the guy from last night probably didn't feel like signing up a new customer when he was supposed to be off from work. Or, was too ignorant or stupid to input my address & phone number correctly. Either way, I figured I would give Teksavvy a shot anyway (having read reviews, I knew their customer service was/is their weakest point, and figured that this would be my one bad experience, and would probably have a positive one now). Called in to sales, and started the process again. This time, I was eligible. We went through the various steps; username, password, modem, and then was told I would need a filter, so ordered 2 of those too. Then came time for the installation appointment. She checked for their availability for a few minutes, and told me that the earliest I could book was for the next Wednesday, August 28th, but there was also time available on the Thursday, August 29th. As my wife had to take the day off from work, so that we could be available for the 9 hour(!) window of 12pm – 9pm, I said that the Thursday would work better. We continued on with a few more items, including all the legal stuff, etc. I got a confirmation number for my order, got off the phone, and thought that everything was good to go, and that I had had a positive experience.

Aug 29th: Installation day. The wife stays home from work to let the technician(s) in. I come home at around 3pm to take over the evening shift of waiting. 9:15pm comes around, and no one has shown up yet. I figured I'd give them until around 9:40pm, before calling customer service to see what was going on. Unfortunately, because I work early in the mornings, I fell asleep on the couch around 9:30pm, before I could give Teksavvy a call.

Aug 30th: Decided to call Customer Service at 5am, while getting ready for work. According to this csr, the install date I had been given previously was not a confirmed date, and that I should have gotten a confirmation email. I said I have a confirmation number, but apparently that was of no good to me in this situation. Also, apparently the csr on Aug 21st should have told me that this was only a “hopeful” date. I found this rather weird, as it seemed like the csr on the 21st was able to view their calendar, knew when they were available, and made no mention of this still being up for confirmation. Today's csr told me that she would send an email to their installers (Telus), to request an appointment. I was told I should know something within 48 hours.

Sep 3rd: 4 and a half days later (108 hours), I still hadn't heard anything about my appointment. Called Customer Service again. After explaining the situation to this csr, she put me on hold for a few minutes to look in to the situation. She came back, and told me that I have an installation appointment set for Sep 6th. I asked why I hadn't been notified about this appointment, and why I had to spend ~30 minutes on hold to get this info myself. She told me that Teksavvy must have only found out about the appointment recently, and that they haven't had the chance to contact me. So, back to the appointment; I asked 3 times, very specifically, if this appointment was a guaranteed appointment, or one that would need to be confirmed again. She said that this date came from the installers (Telus), so this date is a definite date. I check with the wife if she can take that day off from work, she says yes. I ask the csr one more time if this is a guaranteed appointment or not. Once again, she says it is.

Wife books time off work (again). She is asked if she really needs the day off, calls me to ask about appointment again, I say “no, take the day off, I was told this is a 100% confirmed appointment”. She takes the day off.

Sep 6th: Phone rings at 3:30pm. Wife picks up – it's Teksavvy. I get the phone;

csr “Hi [name], I just wanted to confirm your installation appointment for the 20th”

me: “Let me stop you right there. I have an appointment for today. Are you making a 2nd appointment, is this a mistake?”

csr: “No sir, that date is incorrect. Your appointment is for the 20th”

me: “I'd like to speak to a manager”

csr: “ok, that's no probles, [etc etc]”

After a few minutes on hold, the csr comes back,

csr: “Sorry [name] for the long wait, but a manager will be with you shortly.

Me: “ok, thanks”

csr: “oh, and btw, I can offer you 2 free weeks of service due to all this”

me: “ok, thanks, that's very nice of you. I'm sure the manager will be able to help me out even better than that. I'll just speak to him or her about it”

csr: “no problem, i'll put you on hold again”

On hold for a bit more. Transferred to manager

The manager was basically useless. The manager told me he would look in to the csr who helped me, and give that person training. I told him, that he would need to talk to 4+ people in that case. He was confused / not sure how the csr I spoke to on Sep 3rd, was able to give me the date of Sep 6th for my installation. He had 0 idea where that csr could come up with that date. He told me he was very sorry, and that all he could do was get me the installation on the 20th. I asked what will happen when no one shows up on the 20th, like my last 2 appointments? He said that this was a confirmed appointment, and that Telus would be here for sure. Since this is exactly the same as what I was told on Sep 3rd, I asked him if there is a confirmation email I can get (Remember, the csr on Aug 30th asked me if I had received a confirmation email for my Aug 29th appointment). I was told there is no confirmation email he can send me. I told him that this was ridiculous, and was costing us money every time we get set up with these false appointments. I explained that my wife has now taken 2 days off from work, and we will have a total of $336 in lost wages; $20 x 8 = $160. $160 x 2 = $320. $320 – 30% tax (being generous) = $224. She will need to take another day off on the 20th now too, so that's another $112 for the day. $224 + $112 = $336. He went on to offer me 2 free weeks of service, the same as the csr earlier... so, great management authority there. I once again asked how I can be sure that the appointment for the 20th will not be “unconfirmed and missed” once again? He was not able to do anything except verbally say that it's a confirmed date. I told him I would keep my installation date for the 20th for now, and think about my options.

Afterwards, I called Telus to see what they had to say. They offered me a $5/month discount from their posted price, plus I'd get another $5/month off my phone bill due to bundling 2 services. They do want a few more dollars a month compared to Teksavvy, but you don't have to buy the modem. So it's pretty close.

So yeah, not sure what I will do yet... I would like to stay with Teksavvy, as “we've already come so far”, but they sure are making it difficult. I'll update this as things progress, either with a different ISP or with the remainder of this Teksavvy install, and subsequent speeds.

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TSI Alan
Chatham, ON

Thank You For Your Review


Thank you for your review.

Our sincere apologies for the experience you have went through to sign up for our services. That is not the TekSavvy experience that we strive to provide for our customers.

If you would kindly post your account details in the Direct forum, we will look into this for you. (If you reference this thread in your post that will be very helpful.)

Thank you.
TSI Alan (E-Services) - TekSavvy Solutions Inc.
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