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Review by dkmwong See Profile

  • Location: Richmond Hill,ON
  • Cost: $29 per month
  • Install: about 15 days
Good "Customer Service Representatives are genuinely friendly and helpful. "
Bad "Multiple invoicing mistakes and mis-communications with regards to availability and the service isn't even installed yet"
Overall "Value is there (at least on paper) assuming that the service is reliable."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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Writing this review on behalf of my father-in-law with whom I recommended he switch to from his current service, Cable provided by Rogers. I recommended Teksavvy to him because of my own experience with Teksavvy (I have a phone line + DSL 6 service from them and have for 2+ years with virtually no issues) and my own Parents (recently ordered and installed 15/1 service, no issues).

I ordered through a CSR with Teksavvy a landline (i.e., not VOIP line) and 15/1 DSL service in late August. The order was accepted without issues.

The problems then started from there. After two days we still hadn't received a confirmation email. So we called up to the customer support line - they couldn't find the order. A second call (which included a transfer to another department) and our order was found. We were told that a new process was in place to handle orders and kinks were still being worked out (understandable as you operationalize new processes) + due to the volume of orders (late august - back to school), that volume was an issue and processing all the orders was an issue.

After the order was processed - a date of early September was set for installation of the phone line and then 5 days later the DSL (makes sense, as phone line needs to be in place first). However, upon processing, the first invoiced we were invoiced two times for the first month of DSL service. We called again to have this adjusted - we were told that we would be credited the value during the second month of service. On the first of September, we were invoiced for the second month of service when we had not received either service. Another call was placed to Teksavvy's customer service.

After installation of the phone line (installation was very smooth), we received another call from Teksavvy indicating that the service we ordered (15/1) was not available in our unit (condo building), despite the information available on the website AND after review from the CSR taking the order. We needed to make another selection of either selecting their cable service or a slower DSL speed. While I don't mind being told a service is not available in my area, i expect this to happen BEFORE receiving confirmation of the order AND being invoiced for it (Twice).

Fortunately for Teksavvy their customer service representatives (Friendly and helpful) and my previous 2+ years experience with them have earned them some leeway. If it were not for that I would've taken my Father-in-Law's business elsewhere! Depending on my experience with the rest of the installation I still may have to reconsider Teksavvy for both his home and my own.

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TSI Ashleigh
Chatham, ON


Hello Dkmwong,

Thank you for this review. Sorry to hear of all these issues with the set up and processing of the order. We certainly want to ensure this order is currently on track and corrected for you. Please feel free to message us directly in the Direct Forum »TekSavvy Direct. This way we can ensure everything is okay with this order for you.

Thanks again for this review.


Gloucester, ON
·TekSavvy DSL

reply to TSI-Ashleigh

Hi TSI-Ashleigh,

Thanks for the reply - Do i need to post any information about the account for it to be monitored?

Regarding the swap to the 7 mbps service, My FIL was re-invoiced again for this - I've called billing and they assured me that he won't be billed again and that the previous payments would be put toward this invoice. As a suggestion, to avoid this confusion in the future, Teksavvy should consider a detailed break down of the billing...

Gloucester, ON
·TekSavvy DSL


So the internet is STILL not working at my father in law's place.

Installation took place at the 17th (and there was a miscommunication over the installation date, the confirmation said it was supposed to be installed on the 16th) of september, and two weeks of trying (both on weekends as that's the only time that myself or my brother in law can go and test) we're still not working. For two saturdays (the 20th and the 26th) we spent 3 hours on the phone to no avail. We followed the first technicians advice and bought a second modem (we've now tried a tp-link 8616 and a dlink 502B) and there's no connection. All the phone techs can do is tell us our signals are 'clean'. On both modems we're getting a DSL light when we plug them in, so what's the issue?!

A bell technician is being sent Monday-Tuesday (Sept30, Oct 1) to try to sort out this mess. Only problem is the technicians will only check at the demarcation point and not provide any work in side the condo unit.....