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Review by roadkill401 See Profile

  • Location: Oakville,ON
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
  • Install: about 14 days
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Bad "The staff has no clue what they are doing and it shows"
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This review is for a TekTalk install.

I have been a long term Teksavvy customer but I am starting to wonder why. I moved my phone service from Bell over to Teksavvy as it was less expensive, and when Bell finally dropped the Dryloop Band extortion fee in my area from $30+ down to $5, I decided to switch from a POTS service to VOIP.

What I can't figure out is that my phone was with Teksavvy, but it still took them 2 weeks to port the phone number from their POTS system over to VOIP. It was scheduled to happen on the 8th, but sadly there is no notification on when it is going to take place and pitty for you if your on the telephone at the time as you just get cut off. Well, it's one way to figure out that the change has taken place.

Now I already had a Grandstream VOIP box from them, so I had to argue with sales to convince them that I didn't need a second as the HT-502 supported two telephone lines. They want to sell you a new box as they can send them to you password locked so you can't take the hardware that you bought and use it anywhere else. Took a bit to get someone to give me the password so I can configure the second line to work. They would not give me the time of day or instructions as to what needed to be set. I ended up just swapping back and forth from the 1st line configuration to see what needed to be changed from the unit default to get it working.

A couple of days after ordering, my first VOIP telephone line goes dead. Call back out to Teksavvy and they decided to not read their own system notes and delete my PPoe logon user ID that is required for the VOIP to work. Oh sorry, but we don't give any credit back for the time lost getting it fixed or lost service.

So I finally get my services working with lots of effort on my side. They don't bother sending you any manual or even links to documentation on how to use their VOIP service. they have video's on their web site that are supposed to explain how to use it, but they are factually inaccurate and incomplete. I had to google search for the HT-502 manual to figure that out. Now 7 days after the conversion I get a bill from them for my POTS telephone service.. the one that I cancelled from them and moved to their TekTalk service. Seems they forgot to actually cancel my phone in their billing database and billed my credit card for a service that I don't actually have any more. Back on the phone with them for another hour and again.. sorry but we don't give credit back

My advice.. DON'T GO WITH TEKSAVVY for their VOIP.. they are in this purely for money and don't give a hoot about customer service. They love to bill your for extra service fees that you should not be paying for, and will make it your problem when they over bill you. They give you a credit on your account rather than simply returning the money back to your credit card.

Now, all this said: When the system is working, it works well. When I got my VDSL installed, there were issues but I am technical enough to fix most things myself and get everything working. It took about a week to get my 50/10 line working. I am getting a reasonable 45.5/7.5 speed from it. Less than I am paying for, but it was a given from Bell that I could not get the full speed as I am right on the border for distance. My internet is solid and I rarely have it go down.

The features on my VOIP phone are quite good. There are some things that bug me, like the voice messaging system can email you your messages, but their implementation only allows a single email address, not two so either my wife or I can be sent the VM, not both. They don't allow you to set your own name display for outgoing phone calls. Other advanced options are incomplete compared to the competition.

If they didn't always rub you the wrong way with their customer service then I would forgive them their issues. But to be on hold for 30-90 minutes and then get treated like a second class person. Sorry no go for me.

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TSI Jonathan


Hello Roadkill401,

Sounds like you had a painful transition from one service to another. This is not the customer experience that we strive for and I would like to fully investigate your account. If your service was down and it was caused by us, you deserve downtime credit. If we did not cancel your POTS after the transfer and charged you for it, you should be entitled to your money back. If you could please PM me your account information and I'll make sure to set the record straight.

I will also pass along your feedback internally concerning the lack of documentation to assist with our TekTalk service.

Thank you,

TSI Jonathan
Online Experience Manager
Authorized TSI employee - Teksavvy Solutions Inc.