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Review by io chico See Profile

  • Location: Chico,Butte,CA
  • Cost: $53 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 7 days
Good "Uncapped, good option for rural living, better than satellite."
Bad "Expensive compared to what the city folks pay, but I'm happy to have service."
Overall "I gladly pay, when it's working well."
Pre Sales Information:
Install process:
Connection reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:

07/26/12, Service has been very reliable. I've had bouts of problems, where my desktop stays connected, but WiFi cuts out. Checked router settings, did factory reset, updated firmware, tweeted settings, replaced the router (twice). Same problem. Knocked the Wireless Mode down from 300 Mbps to 130 Mbps and now I only have a disconnect about once a week. A router reboot fixes it instantly. I can't say for 100% it's DP or the router.

Consistently get 5.65 Mbps down and 1.0 up. I'm a happy gal.

02/04/11, I'm sailing at 3.75Mbps now! A recap: DP could only get a signal here using the 900mhz antenna. That antenna worked very well from Oct - April. Then when the trees leafed out, we got spotty service. The last tech that came out did a preliminary check to see if we got any signal on the 2.4ghz antenna. We did. We have a 80' tall redwood tree about 35' away from the house. He suggested a tree install. Well, with everything that I've read about troubles with tree installs, I was hesitant. He said he hasn't had to go back to tree installs. We watched the redwood for a few months during storms and it barely moves even in the strongest of winds. So, we bit the bullet, paid the $100 for the install and whoa! I'm getting 3.75 Mbps! Phew! Shazam! The downside is anytime they can't fix a problem at the office and they need to send out a service tech, the tree climber needs to come out too. That will cost $50. I'm crossing my fingers.

09/16/10, I have days where I have no connection at all, on days that it works, 0.5Mb/s, that's slower than satellite. I haven't had a speedtest go over 0.6 in a month. Tech support? They try, but have no way to fix this sitting inside an office. They say they will schedule a service call, but no one calls. It's been over a month this time. It was a month last time: from 07/17-08/19 I had 3 hours of service a day. When I complain, they say they will let me out of the contract. That's their level of service? Drop the customer as oppose to fixing. Something is horribly wrong with this company.

04/27/10, Well, I've had several problems. For the past 5 days, speed tests are between 0.8Mb/s - 1.1Mb/s, 50-438ms ping. I called and they say they will do adjusts on their end. During the second call, I get put on hold, the tech comes back with a different attitude, "You're in alot of trees, huh?" Well, I'm in a canyon, but my house is up a bit high and unless more trees have grown since Sept 09, nothing new. He now seems like he's given up on trying to get this to work better. 1.1Mb/s is good, right? Streaming video is out of the question at this speed. When I told them that my speed tests are usually 2.2Mb/s -2.6Mb/s with 21-25ms ping, he dismisses it, like I'm lying. He says he'll have a service tech do something and it should improve within 24 hours.

Experience is telling me that I'm facing a battle to get them to work a bit harder at getting this to work properly.

11/30/09, after 2 months of mostly reliable service, there's not signal at all. They tried adjusting it on their end, but no luck. They sent someone out to replace the antenna. The installer couldn't get the new antenna to work any better than .3Mb/s. That's slower then satellite! He called the office and I was offered the ability to break my contract. With that, he left! This makes no sense, the old antenna in the same spot got 2.2Mb/s. After a night of facing going back to satellite, my connection is back up to 2.2Mb/s and running like a champ. Silly installer.

FYI, Wind and rain have not effected the connection.

09/03/09: I have no complaints about DigitalPath. Their employees are friendly, knowledgeable and local. The installer worked tirelessly to find a signal. I've called them 3 times to ask questions about my account and about my service, I've had a person on the line within minutes.

I've only had the service for 13 days, but so far, so great! My location couldn't find a signal on the 2.4GH antenna, so we used a 900mHz. The 900 antenna doesn't provide their higher tiered speeds, so I get 1.9Mb/s - 2.5Mb/s. This is wildly crazy speeds for someone who has never had true broadband using Hughes satellite at a max 650kbps. And I'm uncapped! And I'm paying less. I've watched a movie on Netflix's Watch Instantly. It handles Hulu, etc.

One happy camper! My hope is that winter weather doesn't effect the signal. I will report either way.

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digitalpath great idea but sucks!

Great idea they had. Great service until after money back guarantee time period expired. My connection has been on and off every since. I contact tech support and they switch to a different receiver on the tower and it works great for a few hours then off again. I believe they boost my signal to make me happy for a couple hours and then pull the plug and again it sucks worse than any other isp i've ever had. At least when i had dial up i was always able to connect to the internet. Not with digitalpath lately. No connection at all half of every day! I am going to go back to hughesnet or dial up! That's how fed up i am with digitalpath. At least with hughesnet i could always connect. I believe digitalpath has defrauded me and am going to seek compensation and punitive damages in court! Did i mention I'M PISSED!