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Review by kmmontandon See Profile

  • Location: Chester,Plumas,CA
  • Cost: $30 per month (month by month)
Good "Quick signup, broad coverage"
Bad "Extremely slow at all times, does not deliver promised speeds."
Overall "Avoid if there are any alternatives whatsoever."

I've had to use DigitalPath's Hot Spot month-to-month service for a while now, and it's completely and utterly failed to deliver even remotely on promised speeds. When signing up, you'll be told you will get 1500/350 download/upnload. This is, to be blunt, a lie, and one that DigitalPath refuses to answer for, beyond cut-and-paste answers from tech-support monkeys (both in emails, and on Yelp). After long experience, and after objective speed tests provided by a variety of sites, I can say that without question.

There are times when I'm testing at lower than dial-up speeds (as low as 9.0 kpbs/dl). I just spent a few weeks staying at another house, with my computer hooked into their DSL, and the difference was staggering (it was in the same neighborhood, so geography was not a factor).

Fortunately, I've only got a few weeks left before heading to DSL myself.

Also, whizzo is pretty obviously an employee of the company, in case anyone reading these reviews had any doubt. White-knighting for digitalpath in response to every criticism, while posting over-the-top technical information like a marketer ... yeah, pretty obvious.

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