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Review by Jeffrey See Profile

  • Location: Long Island
  • Cost: $50 per month
  • Install: about 10 days
Good "Uptime, Speed, Reliability, Everything..."
Bad "There are no bad points."
Overall "Best Decision Ever to Pickup Fios"
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My Other Reviews

-- January 14th, 2009 Update -- [edit: 3/13/09--corrected date from 1/14 review to 1/14/09 instead of 1/14/08--typo]

While I'm not there to see the day-to-day connection issues, my parents are electing to keep Verizon Fios Internet. Since I'll be there from time to time, I'll continue to post reviews, updates or changes as I need to.

From the last update more than 6 months ago, there once again continue to be no problems. No outages, constant speeds that are always at or very close to the speed tier I am paying for. Everything about the connection remains perfect, and there are honestly no problems to report. Highly recommend Verizon Fios Internet to anyone that can get it. Latency is very low, which coupled with the high speeds (20/5), makes for an excellent service.

-- May 10th, 2008 Update --

Again, like my Vonage service, I have had nothing but complete service and success with Fios. Speeds are fantastic, no apparent downtime, and everything continues to run fantastically. A++++

-- November 21st 2007 Update ---

Still rock solid performance and value for the money here. Still on the 20/5 plan, have not upgraded to symmetrical yet, but I'm guessing I might upgrade to that sometime in 2008.

To this day, I don't think I've had a Fios outage alone. Of course it went out if the power went out, but other than that, rock solid performance and service.

Verizon, with their available symmetrical speed tiers appears to have one-upped the local Cable company (Cablevision) with that offering. Amazing.

--- April 9th 2007 Update ---

No big news to report at this time. I'm just stating once again, that over the course of the last year, I've had zero outages and zero problems. Bandwidth continues to be fantastic, at 20/5 (or even a little bit better sometimes). Latency is wonderfully low - see this thread from a recent traceroute to help troubleshoot some www.dslreports.com downtime: »We appear to be having routing issues

Can't say enough about Fios Internet. Continued A+ grade, and a wonderful 2 years since switching from my cable ISP.

--- May 23rd, 2006 Update ----

I figured that it's a great time to update this, as today is just about the 1-year anniversary of our Fios Internet service.

Honestly, this will be short and sweet. There continueto be no problems in the last year. I really mean zero. There hasn't been a single issue. The only hiccup was recently, when I had a hard time upgrading from the 15/2 plan to the 20/5 plan, but after a few days, it was resolved and I'm enjoying the 20/5 speeds. Can't really count that as a problem.*

Fios continues to be seen as the Cablevision Killa on Long Island.

* Note: I used the Verizon Direct forum here at BBR, after calls to the Fios Tech Support telephone number was not really getting me anywhere. A Tech in that forum here fixed my issue within 24 hours of reporting it, which again, was the fact that I couldn't, for some reason, get the new upgraded speed. Given this great tech support forum here, I bumped my "4" rating of Verizon Tech Support to a "5" in this review.

----12/13/05 Update----

It's been slightly over 6 months now since I had FiOS installed, and there have been ZERO problems. I really mean that - not one single problem.

From what I have been able to notice, there has been zero downtime. Speeds have always been consistent - 15/2.

Since Long Island is a competitive broadband area (with Cablevision's Optimum Online), Verizon is offering the 30/5 package at $65/month to people on Long Island. I haven't ordered that package yet only because I haven't had a chance to actually call Verizon yet and inquire about it, but it's on my list of stuff to do.

I'm so happy I went with Verizon FiOS. Any connection problems I had previously with Optimum Online have never appeared again with FiOS.

Continued great service, 5 stars.

I had Optimum Online from Cablevision from late 1999 through May of 2005. The service was great until about 2003, when weird problems started cropping up: email issues, [Notso]Brightmail server-side spam filtering, intense speed fluctuations from daytime to nighttime, and an ever changing rules that were not reflected in the ToS.

In February of 2005, Fios was offered in my zipcode, and my friend got it first in March of 2005, and loved it. I finally called in May of 2005, and within about 10 days, I was hooked up and rolling.

Here are the pluses:
1) Reliability - I have never seen my Fios connection drop. Never. It is rock solid.

2) Speed - I'm on the 15/2 plan (hopefully changing to the 30/5 plan soon) and the advertised speed is exavtly what I get. No fluctuations during the day, no speed cap issues, no problems at all.

The FiOS service from Verizon is great. I'd recommend it to everyone who is able to get it. I wish I installed it in February when it came out instead of waiting 3 months.

My install was so professionally done, it was great. The two techs arrived exactly at 8AM, and finished by 11 doing a neat, professional job.

3/3/2013 Update:
I've had Fios now (again) for about 8 months. Not a single problem. Price and service are both excellent. To boot, while I was without power from the grid during Hurricane Sandy and was on generator power, my ONT stayed lit and we were able to enjoy TV, phone and data as long as I kept the generator running, which wasn't a problem. Outstanding.

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