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Review by batsona See Profile

  • Location: Ellicott City,Howard,MD
  • Cost: $74 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 27 days
Good "4ms to VZ gateway is great!"
Bad "Price is creeping up...."
Overall "It's the most stable for the price, but price is eql to cable now."
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My Other Reviews

I'm glad I'm with FiOS; this makes more sense than Comcast. Pages zip around faster than before, even tho I have 5MB downstream vs. 6MB with comcast; the difference is having 2MB upstream instead of 384K. It makes all the difference. It took 27 days between order, and use-of-service, becuase the gentleman said they were very backed up in the area with 2-3 installs per day. I ordered the 5000/2000 service.

Cable tech arrived 10 days before the inside guy; they had plenty of 'fun' trying to fish my line thru all the trees under the telephone poles; the guy had to call for help right before he drove from Howard county back to Anne Arrundl county to get a 500' legnth of Corning Fiber. I pulled the copper out of my basement & wire-tied it outside, then pulled the ~40' spare feet of fiber he left outside into the basement & wire-tied it so it looked nice 'n professional-like. I have a basement-located ONT.

The installer was very nice & got the job done quickly. He suffered a 30 min setback where there was no light on the fiber. He had to drive around the block & scamper up a pole to re-seat my connection at the tap, which did the trick. Another 30 min, and I was up and running. I have Vonage svc, and turned off my VZ pots lines, so there was no voice to deal with.

PS-- The increase in upstream speed, from 384K to 2MBit is what does the trick. I'd read lots of whitepapers about poor WAN performance when the 'return-path' for the packets is constrained. You can have all the bandwidth in the world downstream, but if you have a tiny upstream, you can set your TCPreceiveWindow to 10-million, and it won't do you any good. A good clear upstream makes 5MBit FiOS run faster than 6Mbit Comcast.

Good, stable, fast, and less expensive than the "incumbant".


Update 8/15/2008: Still good service. No downtime that I can remember since installation! The original base price of $35/month is now at $44.99/month. Even if it were equal with cable-based service (CMCST), it's still be a better deal. Fiber-delivery beats RF hands down.


Update 1/20/2010: Service still good. The price has come up to equal that of Cablemodem now. However, FiOS is the better service, so if price were equal, I'd still pull the trigger on FiOS.


Update 3/20/2011: Service still good. Dropped the price by about $10 a month by negotiating a new bundle with 15/5 Internet. A month after that, I found I had 20/5 w/o doing anything. If you discount the fact that very popular sites slow down at nite (youtube, facebook), the service is still plenty speedy!


Update 2/6/2012: Service still good. Price is equal to similar bandwidth tier among most other providers, but the differentiator is still fiber optics. It's still a superior and resilient transport. Now on 15/5 plan, which has been padded to 20/5. I'm getting the 20/5 speed consistantly.


Update 1/19/14: I recently upgraded to 50/25 service. I can max out at about 60/30 or so with the 'fluff'. Quality is good; everything works, email is good. too bad prices keep creeping up and up and up over the years.... Have not needed tech support for anything luckily. Took out the ActionTec device, in favor of a Juniper SRX100 firewall. This was not because of a problem related to actiontec, I'm learning Juniper for my employer, and was given a demo-unit!


Update 8/2/14 - 50/25 still going strong.. 60downstream and 40upstream inclusive of fluff. Never needed tech support in the last so-many months.

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