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Six Month Rating

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Review by Mannus See Profile

  • Location: Fort Wayne,Allen,IN
  • Cost: $49 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 30 days
Good "I have had no issues w/ my service. Works great."
Overall "More economical than my previous ISP (Comcast) and much better speeds."
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My Other Reviews

·Frontier FiOS
I have had no issues with my FiOS service. After being w/ Comcast for 10+ yrs for HSI and TV needs, I have cut the cord and couldn't be happier. Dish TV and FiOS meet my needs and save me money also.

3/2007 - Still experiencing great service w/ only 1 outage because of weather that lasted only a few hours. I love my fiber diet.

12/2007 - What can I say? I still love my fiber. 15/2 is the shizznit.

4/22/2008 - Still liking my FiOS except for the $5.00 increase coming in May.

4/15/2009 - Upgraded my service to 20/5 for an additional 10.00/month

7/22/2009 - When the new tiers came out, I inquired about being upgraded to 25/15 and was told it would cost me 10.00 additional a month. I countered by dropping to the 15/5 plan and ended up SAVING 15.00/month on my bill. Yay ME!

05/2010 - Still experiencing excellent d/l and u/l speeds. Kinda wary of the Frontier

08/2010 - Part of the Frontier family now.

01/24/2011 - So far service has been problem free since the transition to Frontier.
Seeing ~25/8 speeds on my 15/5 connection rather consistently.

FYI - I am running on Cat5e (since install) from the ONT to my
D Link DIR-655 router

04/2011 - Switched out my D-LINK DIR-655 for the SamKnows Netgear
WNR3500L wireless router and have seen a nice performance
increase in throughput speeds both wired and wireless. Service is
chugging along quite nicely.

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