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Review by v35_pilot See Profile

  • Location: Fayetteville,Onondaga,NY
  • Cost: $65 per month
  • Install: about 14 days
Good "Very reliable, blazing fast speed, USA-based tech support"
Bad "None during this period"
Overall "Excellent reliability and speeds - overall a great product"
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----- Update, July 2011 --------

What's not to appreciate? Still blazing fast and quite reliable. Still very happy with the ISP service. Had only one major outage that lasted an entire day recently (this comes on the heals of two years since my last review problem-free), but in reading about the circumstances I have no problem cutting Verizon slack (a fire in a Manhattan manhole severed fiber - when traffic was rerouted through Binghamton, NY, a lightning strike severed that fiber line - it was meant to happen, it seems).

Recently I upgraded my speed package to the 25/25 one offered locally, which was an increase over my 20/5 package grandfathered in from 2006. Upload and download speeds as promised. Of course, net congestion and specific website server response times make seeing 25 down as likely as finding gold at the end of the rainbow, but with multiple PS3s, Netflix streaming, and a couple of computers in-house, generous bandwidth is available for all.

Still no FiOS TV in my area but that's okay - been pretty happy with Dish Network and my OTA local high def channels.

----- Update, Mar 2009 --------

Reliability and speed are still excellent. Over the last year I experienced only one brief outage that was rectified in about 30 minutes. Other than that, reliability has been excellent and speeds are still as advertised.

Fortunately I have had no problems with billing or tech service that required a call so I don't have any complaints about customer service this past year.

Still waiting for their TV service to come to my area, but I was told to expect at least another two to perhaps three more years before Vz gets around to applying for a video franchise license in my township. Not a problem for now - Dish Network, my longtime TV provider, allows local HD over the air signals to be co-mingled with their HD offerings so I have been pretty happy remaining with them.

----- Update, Jan 2008 --------

First, the great: Service has yet to experience one non-customer related interruption in the two years I have had it. Up and down speeds are excellent and as advertised. Excellent product overall.

Now the not-so-great: Less than perfect customer service when not a Vz phone customer Company seems too big to efficiently handle unique customer cases as left hand often doesn't know what the right hand is doing there. Company emphasis still seems to be on phone service.

The explanation: I dropped my Verizon POTS phone service and switched to VoIP about a year into being a FiOS customer. No one at Vz told me when I dropped my phone service that without a Vz phone the only way they would contact me about issues with my FiOS account is through a valid email address (that was not on file at the time since I do not use my FiOS email address).

Over the late summer, my bank issued me and a bunch of other customers a new Visa card due to an identity theft concern. I had forgotten that Vz was billing my FiOS service to the old card number when it was replaced with the new number. With all of my utility bills being paid automatically, I failed to catch (due to extensive business travel) that my Vz bill was not being paid for two months due to this change in card numbers. Yep, my bad.

One morning I woke up and bammm.. no FiOS service. No paper mail, no phone call, nothing. Just no service. At first I thought there was a technical problem so I called Vz tech support where I quickly learned that my service was shut off for non-payment (yep, my bad). Service could not be turned back on for 24-48 hours, as the new work order had to move through the system, I was told.

I guess my main complaint here is that I fell through the cracks at this super large company. Vz only contacts non-phone customers via email if there is an account problem - no paper mail, no phone call to the non-Vz phone number, just an email, assuming there is a valid email on file. If no email address is on file (which no one had told me to provide) then no contact whatsoever. Just termination. Be sure there is a working email address on file if you are not a Vz phone customer. I learned the hard way.

On the plus side when my service was restored I was switched from PPPoE to DHCP.

------ Update 10/7/06 ----------
FiOS has been so reliable and the quality of the connection so good that I have decided to try a VOIP phone service, which I will be reviewing here shortly. One month with the VOIP service now and so far, so good.

------- Update 7/14/06 -------
Seven months now and absolutely zero downtime, speed upgrades to NY customers bumped me up to 20 mbps down/ 2 mbps up for the same monthly price as Time Warner Road Runner's 5 mbps down service in the area, receive these advertised speeds quite regularly (Internet congestion not withstanding ), and still a US-based customer service center. What's not to like? Still awaiting DHCP, but rumor is that it is just around the corner.

----- Original Review, January 2006 ----------------
Very fast speed and so far (since January), very reliable service with no down-time to date. The only negative is that my IP address is constantly being renewed, sometimes twice per day. I access my computer while I am on the road and there are times when I am unable to do so (even using NO-IP.com's dynamic DNS solution).

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